S.C. frees Police Constable on Robbery charges

Accra, Tetteh Samadzi a Police Constable who was jailed 15 years for being part of a gang of four who robbed some residents at Pokuase in Accra has been acquitted and discharged by the Supreme Court.

The Constable was a member of the Panthers’ Unit of the Ghana Police Service sentenced to 15 year imprisonment on the charge of robbery by a lower court.

After spending eight years in prison, the level 300 student of a Public University, however appealed against his conviction at the Supreme Court.

The five member Supreme Court, presided over by Justice Jones Victor Dotse unanimously acquitted and discharged the Constable.

The court deferred its reasons.

His acquittal however attracted tears from his father and a relation at the court premises.

Reports from the initial trial opined that the Constable, was accused to had chauffeured the gang of robbers in a VW vehicle with registration number GT 2472 R,

According to reports, one Foster was said to have called for the assistance of the Constable to aid in the search of the robbers but on arriving at the scene he was accused by irate youth in the area who were then searching for the robbers as being part of the criminals.

The report indicated that a victim, alleged that the Constable was part of a gang of four men who came to his house at about 01:00 hours on Independence Day and robbed him of GH250.00 two mobile phones and a DVD player.

The victim alleged that his door was forcibly opened with concrete blocks and shots from sophisticated weapons were fired indiscriminately during the robbery, holding everyone spellbound. The robbers also assaulted him.

Source: Ghana News Agency