‘Right your wrongs’ – Military officer sends message to government on live radio

A man purporting to be an officer of the Ghana Armed Forces has sent a cryptic message to the government calling for corrective action to address the current economic hardship.

He stated that the government should use its time left to write the wrongs it has committed.

The message of the supposed military man came at the time a group calling itself Democracy Hub and some concerned citizens demonstrated for three days to draw the attention of the government to the hardship being faced by the Ghanaians.

In a message delivered live on Accra-based Hitz FM, the said military man who wishes to remain anonymous said it will be in the interest of the government to address these concerns promptly.

“Tell them that they should write those wrongs. I know what I am calling for. Tell them to right those wrongs. What is making this thing more serious is the fact that they are trying to tone down everybody to keep quiet,” he stated.

Calling from Burma Camp, the anonymous caller expressed concerns about the consequences of escalating taxes on goods and services, particularly how they impact the ordinary citizen.

He highlighted the burden placed on consumers and questioned the fairness of these tax hikes.

“Keep me anonymous, but I am calling from Burma Camp. Do you know something? Tell these people they still have time to write all those wrongs because all these taxes they are putting on everything at the end of the day, it goes back to the final consumer.

“When I hire an MC I am supposed to pay Ghc1,000.00. Now because of the taxation on their bill, it is going to take me Ghc1,500.00, how much is my salary as a mere soldier man,” the caller asserted.

Source: Ghana Web