Residents of Abura Tsetsekasum appeal for social amenities

Residents of Abura Tsetsekasum in the Abura-Asebu-Kwamankese District of the Central Region have appealed to the District Assembly, Member of Parliament and the government to provide them with some amenities to help improve their living conditions.

According to the farming community with a population of about 500 residents, they lacked potable drinking water, health facility, toilet facilities and good road network, which was seriously making life unbearable in the town and its adjoining communities.

Obaapayin Efua Nuamah, a kingmaker of the town, in an interview with the Ghana News Agency, pointed out that educating their children had become a challenge

According to her, the community through self-help constructed a three-unit classroom block which had recently had its roof ripped off in a heavy rainstorm.

This, she said, had compelled the school’s authority to merge classes of the affected school children, describing it as ‘worrisome’ and called for immediate redress.

Again, she said some teachers post
ed to the community had abandoned their post due to con Obaapayin Nuamah said that the only source of potable drinking water, was a borehole which when faulty, compelled residents to rely on the Kakum River for their domestic chores, posing health challenges for them.

She complained about an abandoned bridge on the Kakum River, started in the year 2017 and appealed to the contractor to complete the project for them.

On health, she noted that the absence of a health facility was so bad that pregnant women and the sick had to travel on motorbikes to nearby communities to access health care.

The road network, she noted, was also nothing to write home about and appealed to the government to fix the road to ensure free movement of goods and services.

Residents were in jubilant mood over the announcement of the enstoolment of an Odikro for the community, saying his presence would help enhance development.

Source: Ghana News Agency