Provide more details on opaque gold-for-oil deal – IES to government

The Executive Director of the Institute for Energy Security, Nana Amoasi VII, has called on government to provide more clarity on the gold-for-oil policy to erase doubts in the minds of Ghanaians.

Speaking on the Big Issue on Citi TV on Saturday, Nana Amoasi VII said the entire policy lacks transparency hence government must come clean on the entire deal.

“I think at this point we are all clear that the deal lacks transparency, it is not just shrouded in secrecy, but there are a lot of inconsistencies and confusion.

“We think that the government can come out clear and give indications to everybody not just where we are sourcing the fuel from but who is the intermediary in this transaction, how was he elected or selected, on what basis and how much is the intermediary earning per every metric tonne deal that we do.

“Who is buying the gold and how much did you sell it for? We think that a lot of clarity can be brought to bear on this deal so that we can all be convinced it will give us that value that we crave.”

The Minority in Parliament and former President John Mahama have also called on the government to provide details on the policy to clear the doubts surrounding the deal.

Meanwhile, the former Member of Parliament for Okaikwei North Constituency, Fuseini Issah, believes that the gold-for-oil policy has led to a marginal drop in diesel prices at Goil fuel stations across the country.

Goil announced a 4% reduction in the price of diesel, resulting in a litre selling at ¢15.25.

However, the price of petrol remained unchanged at ¢15.25.

Speaking on the Big Issue, the former MP told host Selorm Adonoo that the reduction was influenced by benefits associated with the ‘Gold for Oil’ programme.

Mr Fuseini Issah added that prices of fuel will be impacted more significantly if more consignment arrives in the country soon.

Source: Modern Ghana