Prof Adei; The ‘Decorated Noise Maker’ Who Throws Unnecessary Tantrums At The Ghanaian Teacher

1. The Ghanaian teacher sacrifices most of his time training and nurturing other people’s wards. He spends little time on himself and his immediate family. Undoubtedly, he is the least paid in the Ghanaian working space as far government employees are concerned. They’ve consistently cried at several governments calling for salary increment but no concrete and evidential results. We all know the living condition of teachers but the Ghanaian community has adopted a certain mantra-‘your reward is in heaven’. Yes! We say teachers must work here on earth but should later receive their salaries in heaven. That’s the logic of the Ghanaian and his leader in government.

2. These habits are hurtful attitudes of Ghanaians have been thoroughly entertained by the Ghanaian teacher for decades. They’ve moved away from complaining to working tirelessly even in deep remote areas like Kwame Adwer, Abamkwanmu etc. Yea, they are no more complaining � asking for salary increment, better conditions service etc. � they are rather working for mother Ghana. Per the Ghanaian logic, they would be paid by ‘God’ later in ‘Heaven’

3. Teachers, today, are not asking for much. They just need ‘WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT’. Words that will keep them up to task. Words of motivation. Words of hope. Words of success. Words of peace. These words require no money. There’s absolutely no cost involved. It is not difficult to do is it? Not at all. A section of the public have made up their minds just to castigate, curse, demoralize, insult the Ghanaian teacher who is not earning much but working in areas like Potroase, Gomoa Ofaso, Gomoa Esikuma etc. just for the development of someone else’s ward and by extension the development of the entire nation.

4. It is even much hurtful for no less a person like Prof Stephen Adei, a personality who received his basic education from Methodist Primary school in Hwiremoase, was taught by a Public teacher and off course, became a Public teacher some time ago after completing Sefwi Wiaso Teachers’ Training College. By the grace of God, he was taught by a teacher to become a Professor of Economics. Arguably, a great teacher today. This personality is noted for jabbing, insulting, throwing unnecessary tantrums at his colleague teachers to the extent of calling them ‘Criminals’. This is sad!

5. I query; what impact did the Good Old Professor make while a basic school teacher? I query again; while a teacher, did he also indulge himself in any criminal related activity since he is saying all Ghanaian basic teachers are criminals? Finally; why did he even choose to have his basic education at place where ‘criminals’ work or teach. I can therefore safely conclude that, the good old Professor was taught by a ‘Criminal’ became a ‘criminal’ himself, and so, he is the ‘Super criminal’ in Ghana today.

6. A Seventy-one year old man who has spent virtually all his life in the Education sector shouldn’t be portraying this kind of habit to demoralize the system. This is the time the sector needs your expertise advice to help restore sanity on Education in Ghana but if you will continue to demoralize teachers and eventually ruin the system, then we will call for your head.

7. Your current status should rather motivate young men and women who have the interest of teaching in Ghana but it is of no doubt and crystal clear that your utterances are highly uncalled for. Not to talk of your political contradictory comments, which confuse all of us.

8. It would of great benefit for you to halt those defamatory, calumniatory and abusive comments on teachers now. As a public servant and a government appointee, you must know that these comments do not foster development. It brings unnecessary rivalry and tension.

9. Focus on your job as the Chairman of the National Development Planning Commission and a member of the Financial Ministry’s Advisory board. Bring the development that the nation needs. Ghana must develop, and that’s your sole responsibility. The Finances of this country must be on the right track, and that’s also your responsibility as Board Member of the Ministry of Finance.

10. These are what Ghana pays you for. Ghana does not pay you to insult teachers unnecessarily.

11. Ghana needs development. Work towards it. I do not want to conclude by saying you are failing as the Chairman of National Development Planning Commission but I can safely conclude by I am yet to see a single positive proposal from you as far as development of Ghana is concerned.

Source: Modern Ghana