Plot to oust IGP: There are patterns of lies in COP Mensah’s confessions – Security Analyst


Security Analyst, Adams Bonah, has raised concerns over what he perceives as inconsistencies and a pattern of lies in the testimonies of Commissioner of Police (COP) George Alex Mensah.

COP Alex Mensah was the former Director of Operations in the Ghana Police Service and one of the names mentioned by Bugri Naabu as one of the faces behind the voices in the leaked tape to oust the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Dr George Akuffo Dampare from office.

During his appearance before the investigative committee, COP Mensah initially said the audio was doctored and he was uncertain about the source and content of the audio.

However, in his subsequent statements, he admitted to the authenticity of the voice on the tape.

Reacting to this, Adam Bonah indicated that the inconsistency in the confession shows a pattern of lies in what COP Mensah said.

“When they put it to him that they could play his own voice back to him, he told them that he didn’t say them from his mind the previous day. And so, what I am saying is that you can see a pattern of lies from the COP.

“In one way he admitted that is his voice, then yesterday he actually said it sounds like his voice. So, then you see the inconsistencies and the lack of flow. His inability to sustain a conversation every now and then. His lawyer also didn’t help him, you could see he was not very understanding with these answers,” he said.

Adam Bonah also noted that COP Mensah appeared ill-prepared during his initial testimony, displaying confusion and hesitation in his responses.

He contrasted this with Bugri Naabu’s demeanour during his testimony, describing the former Northern Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) as relaxed and forthcoming.

“In the two days of testimonies by COP Mensah and the other day of testimony by Bugri Naabu, you can see how relaxed Bugri Naabu was in giving his testimonies.

“On the first day, you can see how the COP took things. He was a little bit confused, and he appeared he didn’t know whether to say a yes or a no to some of the questions he was being asked. He was not forthcoming with answers on the first day.

He continued “On the second day, you saw bitterness in him, you saw confusion, tension and at a point he said some of the things he said, he didn’t say them from his mind,” the expert added.

Source: Ghana Web