Physically challenged souter urges youth to embrace skills training?

Mr Moses Tettey, a physically challenged souter (shoe mender) at Dzelukope, a suburb of Keta in the Volta Region, said his work should inspire the youth to acquire artistic skills and vocations for a brighter future.

That, he said, would help mitigate unemployment among the youth in the area and boost productivity.?

‘I learned and completed this job in 1996 at school, and it has helped me cater for my family and many other things. I cannot sit at home just because of my condition. It is dangerous to be idle,’ he added.

Mr Tettey, popularly known in the shoe-making business as ‘Mobisco,’ in an interview with the Ghana News Agency, touched on the importance of encouraging the youth to venture into skills and vocational training to acquire specific skills through which they could make a living.

‘The level of unemployment in Keta is on the rise every day, and what you will see the youth doing these days include staying and playing under trees for nothing,’ he stated.

He lamented how some got involved in frau
dulent activities, like money laundering, which could jeopardise their future.

Mr Tettey urged the Government to help address unemployment in the area by providing job models for the youth.

Now an experienced expert in bags and shoe manufacturing, he charged other PWDs to desist from begging for arms in the various communities but rather engage in skills training, saying disability could not prevent anyone from working.

He commended the Keta Municipal Social Welfare Department for the support extended to PWDs so far.

Mr Tettey appealed to philanthropists, individuals, corporate entities, and the Government to support him to expand his business to train others.

Source: Ghana News Agency