No takeover of Lands by Genser Energy, Wassa Amenfi Traditional Council refutes claims

Accra,- The Wassa Amenfi Traditional Council has refuted allegations of land seizure from tenant farmers in a publication by Happy FM.

A statement signed by Tetrete Okuamoah Sekyim II, Omanhene of the Wassa Amenfi Traditional Area, dated the June 23, 2021 and copied the Ghana News Agency, stated that, “The traditional council would like to state that no such seizure of farmlands, all of which are stool lands under the control and authority of Tetrete Okuamoah Sekyim II, has been done by Genser Energy, the Traditional Council, the Omanhene or the Sompre Chief as alleged.”

The Council said Genser Energy Ghana Limited (“Genser Energy”) has conducted business respectfully and ethically with the Chiefs and the community but laments the lack of journalistic integrity carried out by Happy FM.

The Council also copied the National Media Commission, National Communications Authority, Ministry of Chieftaincy Affairs and the National House of Chiefs.

The Omanhene stated that areas mentioned in the said publication which included Bonsie, Ebetoda, Amonda, Behoso Ntam and the surrounding towns fell within the control and authority of the Wassa Amenfi Traditional Area.

He mentioned that such publications were not only patently false but were maliciously designed by the news outlet to discredit his person, the Traditional Council, and the Chief of Sompre and that the act by the radio station defies the norms of natural justice and journalistic practice.

“One-sided reporting and baseless claims are often used to spread and foment mistrust and animosity within a community. The Council has already received several calls from concerned citizens.”

The Omanhene further requested the Management of Happy FM to render an apology and a retraction of the story within seven (7) days from the receipt of the notice and that such retraction should be given the same prominence and visibility given the initial publications by the Station.

The statement was necessary as a result of various publications aired by Happy FM on their current affairs programme dubbed EPAHoaDaben” on June16 and 17, 2021 and further published on the station’s website on June 18, where it was alleged that Genser Energy had partnered with the Omanhene and the Chief of Sompre to forcibly steal lands belonging to tenant farmers.

Source: Ghana News Agency

Two in court for causing fear and panic

Kumasi,- Two gun-wielding men arrested recently at Gausu in the Obuasi Municipality of the Ashanti Region, for causing fear and panic, and conspiracy to commit crime, have been granted bail by a Kumasi Circuit Court.

Emmanuel Dakorah, alias Obour, 26, and Richard Suleman, 28, were arrested after reportedly flaunting assault rifles on social media amidst threats.

A pump action gun with five empty cartridges retrieved from the accused persons after their arrest, are in the custody of the police.

The Court, presided over by Mr. Ebenezer Kwaku Ansah, granted the accused persons bail in the sum of GH¢50,000.00 each with two sureties to justify.

They are to re-appear on July 7, 2021.

Prosecuting, Police Chief Superintendent Kofi Blaggogi, pleaded with the court to allow the law enforcement agents to keep custody of the accused persons for further investigations, however, the court refused.

Source: Ghana News Agency

STAR Ghana Foundation to develop roadmap to address northern floods

Tamale,- STAR Ghana Foundation has begun a process to develop a roadmap that presents a coordinated strategy and action around addressing the issue of floods in the northern part of the country from short, medium and long term perspectives.

To this end, STAR Ghana Foundation in partnership with the TAMA Foundation and Tamale Ecclesiastical Province Pastoral Conference (TEPPCON) convened a day’s forum in Tamale, attended by key actors within the disaster risk reduction sector, on joint action response towards floods in the northern part of the country.

Participants included; representatives from the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO), Northern Development Authority (NDA), Northern Regional Coordinating Council, Ghana Irrigation Development Authority, Water Resources Commission, National Commission for Civic Education, religious and traditional leaders, and civil society organisations.

They analysed the floods situation in the northern part of the country, evaluated the response and mechanisms in place for coordination as well as proposed some strategies to strengthen the way the country responded to floods, particularly focusing on a shift from the periodic hand-outs to a more coordinated preparedness towards the flooding and also long term recovery of the families and communities affected by the floods.

Floods are recorded every year in the northern part of the country leading to loss of lives and property.

According to the Northern Regional Directorate of NADMO, within the past three years, 14 Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies recorded floods, which affected 40,894 people leading to seven deaths, destruction of 19,264 acres of farmlands, cutting off 54 communities and destroying 13 bridges.

The government usually presents some relief packages to victims of floods but the items are always not enough to address their needs.

Participants identified building on water ways, silting of water bodies, farming along water bodies, dumping of waste into water bodies, lack of drainage systems, opening of Bagre Dam amongst others as some causes of the flooding in the area.

They, therefore, suggested some mitigating measures to address the situation, which included; the need for attitudinal change, provision of good drainage, enforcement of building regulations, re-settlement of communities, tree planting, adoption of improved building technology amongst others.

Eunice Agbenyadzi, Programmes Manager of STAR Ghana Foundation, who elaborated on the inputs of participants during the forum, said “One of the key things that has come up is the need for support from local philanthropists or domestic resources mobilisation as a more sustainable way of dealing with the floods.”

She added that “We have recognised that there are assets here in the communities. There is also expertise and there is also finance. So, the idea is how we can organise ourselves to raise resources in preparation for the floods and also beyond the floods.”

She said a similar forum was held in Wa, and another would be held in Bolgatanga where the inputs of participants would be used to develop the roadmap to address the flooding, adding that after developing the roadmap, “We will quickly organise some partnership around testing some of the strategies this year and cascade to other years as well.”

Mr Charles Abugre, Executive Director of TAMA Foundation called on NADMO and NDA to be proactive in engaging stakeholders to start taking action in terms of raising resources to address the impending flooding situation as a result of the onset of the rains in the north.

Source: Ghana News Agency

We’ll pursue private legal action against arrogant, negligent AG over $170million judgement debt – ASEPA

The Alliance for Social Equity and Public Accountability (ASEPA) has indicated that it is considering pursuing private legal action against the Attorney General (AG) Godfred Yeboah Dame for causing final loss to the state.

This comes on the back of a decision from the Commercial Court in London refusing to allow Ghana to bring a belated challenge to a UNCITRAL award worth over US$134 million in favour of a power contractor, Ghana Power Generation Company (GPGC).

The verdict declared after the Attorney General failed to file for a review after the judgment within the stipulated timeframe will see the government paying a judgment debt to the tune of $170 million.


Following the issue and listening to the defense of government officials, ASEPA says it is not impressed and will take on AG Godfred Dame and his department for “sleeping on duty.”

“The point is, no amount of diversionary propaganda and blame game can absolve Godfred Dame and his team at the AG’s department from this $170million judgment debt,” part of a statement signed by ASEPA Executive Director Mensah Thompson has said.

It adds, “this is a classical case of a cocktail of arrogance, negligence, and disrespect for contract obligations that has landed the Country into this judgement debt albatross and this was not caused by anyone other than the current Government.”

ASEPA further reveals that while it remains appalled, it is considering pursuing private legal action against the Attorney General in the interest of the taxpayer.

“….we are considering a public interest private legal action against the current AG, for wilfully causing financial loss to the State, for negligence and a breach of his fiduciary responsibility to the State as a Public officer,” the ASEPA statement concludes.

Below is the full statement from ASEPA on the $170million Judgement debt:

Mensah Thompson of ASEPA writes….

$170million Judgement debt, ASEPA to pursue private legal action against AG

Folks, we are currently witnessing a story of two fathers, father A and B who took turns to cater for a sick mal-nourished child.

Father A who first took care of the baby out of fear for the baby’s life, entered into several arrangements with a food distributor to supply the baby with constant supply of food items.

After a while, when the child was recovering he felt that not all the food distribution arrangements he made earlier were needed due to an improvement in the baby’s health so he decided to review some of the arrangements.

In the process of reviewing those arrangements, he had an emergency and had to travel, so he handed over the baby and the existing arrangements to father B.

Father B upon taking over the baby decides to totally cancel the food distribution arrangements without recourse to the terms of arrangements entered into by father A who initiated those arrangements.

Long story short, now the baby is dead out of starvation.

Folks that is not even the real tragedy of this story, the real tragedy of this story is that now father B is going around blaming father A for the death of the child and his excuse is that father A ordered too much food for the child.

Folks if this not madness then I don’t know what else is.

The point is, No amount of diversionary propaganda and blame game can absolve Godfred Dame and his team at the AG’s department from this $170million judgement debt and here’s why….

1. The judgement did not accrue directly as a result of the review of the Power Purchase Agreement..No!!

2.There were clear cut recommendations made by the review committee on the processes for the termination of the contract and Government’s obligation after the consensus termination.

3.The unitalateral termination of the contract in 2018 without recourse to the recommendations of the review committee was solely the decision of the current Government which Godfred Dame was Deputy AG.

4.The decision to snub the $23million payoff demand by GPGC which could have saved Ghana from arbitration and its resultant judgement debt was solely the decision of this Government.

5.The decision to enter into arbitration and challenge the claims of GPGC was also another decision that was solely taken by this Government without the involvement of any member of the previous Government.

6.The failure to file for a review after the judgement within the stipulated timeframe was also solely the responsibility of this Government.

This review if nothing at all could have led to a significant reduction of the damages the Court awarded to GPGC if the Attorney General had put up a spirited defense just as he is going around doing in the media now.

And so this is a classical case of a cocktail of arrogance, negligence and disrespect for contract obligations that has landed the Country into this judgement debt albatross and this was not caused by anyone other than the current Government.

In view of this we are considering a public interest private legal action against the current AG, for wilfully causing financial loss to the State, for negligence and a breach of his fiduciary responsibility to the State as a Public officer.

Source: Modern Ghana

Stakeholders urged to protect child rights

Tolon (N/R),- Mr Ken Addae, the Project Officer of Pan-African Organisation for Research and Protection of Violence on Women and Children (PAORP-VWC) has called on the government and other stakeholders to take actions to ensure that child rights are protected and respected.

Mr Addae said, “When children’s rights are protected, they stand a better chance of growing up in a society which allows them to thrive”.

He made the call at a capacity-building workshop for local stakeholders on existing laws and policies that protect children in the country.

The event, held at Tolon, in the Northern Region was part of a three-year project on promoting protection against child trafficking and early child and forced marriages in Northern Ghana.

The project which started last year is being implemented in five districts in the Northern Region, including, Tolon, Kumbungu, Gushegu, Zabzugu, and Tatale.

It seeks to contribute to ending harmful traditional practices, especially child early and forced marriages, as well as child trafficking in the Northern region.

Mr Addae noted that children needed special protection and support from parents and guardians, and said, they were considered vulnerable in society.

Madam Mary Agiiba, Tolon District Project Officer of PAORP-VWC, said children, irrespective of their age, race, gender, wealth, or birthplace have the right to be treated fairly, equally, and with dignity.

She advised policymakers to strive to implement and monitor child rights-based development activities at the local and national levels to promote the rights of children positively through their work.

Mr Yussif Abdul-Rauf, Tolon District Director of CHRAJ, advised stakeholders to relook at the factors that influence parents’ attitudes and behaviours towards children’s rights.

He urged the partners to develop educational programmes to advance parental relationships with the children and educational institutions towards parental attitudes on child rights which were conditioned by the central cultural model in the family and the community.

Source: Ghana News Agency

One-year-old perish in Sawaba flooding

Sawaba (Ash),- A one-year-old boy resident at Sawaba in the Asokore-Mampong Municipality, has been confirmed dead, following a heavy downpour in the Ashanti Region on Wednesday, June 23.

The deceased’s body was retrieved from a stream at the area by personnel of the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) on Thursday.

This followed a frantic search after the boy, whose name was not readily available, went missing when a tricycle on which the deceased and his grandparents were travelling was reportedly swept away in a flood.

Mr Samuel Puabuuri, Assembly Member for Sawaba, confirming the death to the Ghana News Agency (GNA) in Kumasi, said the body had since been deposited at the morgue for autopsy.

Additionally, property worth several thousands of Ghana Cedis had also been destroyed, he stated.

Sawaba, a flood-prone area, was one of the worst affected communities in the Region, and officials of the disaster management body are still counting the cost of the damage left in the wake of the rainstorm.

Meanwhile, the Regional NADMO Office has cautioned the people to take precautionary and adequate safety measures in order not to be overtaken by events.

Source: Ghana News Agency

GHPL: Karela United pledges to comply with GFA ban

Karela United Chief Executive Officer, Elloeny Amande has reiterated that his outfit will totally comply with the ban of their venue by the Ghana Football Association [GFA].

The Crosby Awuah Memorial Park has been banned indefinitely following an attack by the club’s supporters on players and officials of Medeama after their MTN FA Cup Round of 32 game last Sunday, a game Medeama won 2-1.

According to Amande, he is disappointed by the unruly action by the club’s supporters, said even though it was the first time such a violent act had happened at their Anyinase venue, the club did not subscribe to any act of violence and were ready to submit to whatever investigations to be carried out.

“I think the issue is that something has gone horribly wrong and has to be tackled so, in essence, we are not against the actions that are being taken to ensure that lives are protected at the venue,” Mr Amande told the Daily Graphic.

Mr Amande explained that even before last Sunday’s game, tension had heightened among the Karela supporters who unusually had organised a series of meetings plotting to avenge the attack they suffered at Tarkwa.

But the club’s management picked up intelligence and decided to engage their supporters to calm down.

“The fans were very agitated throughout the whole week and the management had to engage with them to try and quell the signals that were being picked up,” he added.

Karela United, however, suffered a 2-1 defeat to Asante Kotoko in their matchday 30 games at the Obuasi Len Clay Stadium on Wednesday.

The defeat leave Karela at the 5th position with 46 points.

Source: Modern Ghana

37 Military Hospital looking for families of two patients

Accra,- 37 Military Hospital in Accra is looking for the families of two persons knocked down by vehicles and are on admission at the Hospital.

A statement issued by A. La-Anyane, Commander for Director Public Relations, Ghana Armed Forces, copied to the Ghana News Agency, said the first patient identified as Unknown Sunday was knocked down by a vehicle and he cannot talk nor walk.

It said he was brought to the Trauma Surgical Emergency Unit on Sunday, 25 April, and referred to the Neurology Ward on Tuesday 27 April, 2021.

The statement noted that the second patient, believed to a Nigerian, Kingsley Ige, was also involved in a car accident and brought to the Trauma Surgical and Emergency Unit by a good Samaritan on Tuesday, 8 June.

“He is currently on admission at the Neurology Ward. He has lost total memory but can speak and walk,” it stated.

The statement said the 37 Military Hospital was appealing to the public to help locate the families of these persons.

“Anyone with information on them should kindly contact the administration Officer, Lieutenant Colonel Mintah on 0275197709 or the Chief Ward Master of the Neuro Ward, CPOI Beelber on 0269360272.”

Source: Ghana News Agency