Officials at Anyako-Kpota Health Centre appeal for infrastructure support


Health officials at the Anyako-Kpota Health Centre in the Keta Municipality of the Volta Region have appealed for improved infrastructure to enhance quality health delivery and a better working condition. They said the current situation is demoralising. Madam Esther Esenam Atsu, Midwife in charge of the facility, in interaction with the Ghana News Agency, said the health centre has numerous challenges which needed urgent attention. She said the facility also lacked some equipment such as semi-chemical analyzer, analytical balance, power stabilizer, oxygen cylinder, lawn mower, washing machine, suturing set, fetal Doppler, and others. Madam Atsu also mentioned insufficient tables and chairs, beds, mattresses, bedsheets, and pillows. ‘The physician assistant’s bungalow must be renovated as well as the bungalow for staff, and standby generator should be provided to provide light during blackouts,’ she stated. She complained about the leaking roofing which disturbed the facility’s documents during rainy periods. She said: ‘We always keep books and documents on the few tables and chairs here because we do not have folder shelves.’ Madam Atsu, however, commended all individuals and groups of people who always support the facility in various forms. She again appealed to all stakeholders to help solve the reigning challenges to help improve quality healthcare in the area.

Source: Ghana News Agency