Nurses urged to maintain high professional standards

Bolgatanga (U/E), Mr Awalu Bawa, the Principal of the Bolgatanga Nursing Training College, has called on nurses and midwives to eschew all forms of irresponsible acts and strictly abide by the codes and ethics of the profession.

He urged them to serve their clients with passion and empathy, saying; Treat your clients as you would love to be treated if you were sick, and observe strictly the ethics and codes of your professions.

Mr Bawa made the call at a matriculation ceremony in Bolgatanga for first-year students of the Bolgatanga Nursing Training College (BNTC) and the Bolgatanga Midwifery Training College (BMTC).

He said the ceremony marked a significant milestone in the students’ lives as it ushered them into a formal and prestigious status of studentship.

He said it was a transition from generic studentship to a specialised professional affiliation with the nursing and midwifery professions.

Mr Bawa said the students were joining the profession at a time that its image was under public scrutiny due to large perceived or real poor attitude towards work and clients that you serve.

He said the students had a responsibility to project a positive image of their chosen profession by living responsible lives and frequently upgrading their knowledge, skills and competencies to be abreast of current procedures.

He said the public outcry and media indictment elicited by the poor conduct and attitude of nurses and midwives would soon be replaced by both civil and criminal suits and trials in the law courts, adding; we have no option than to change and change for the better.

Mr Bawa said government alone could not absorb all the nurses and midwives being trained by the various colleges and encouraged the students to see that as an opportunity to go into the private sector and turn themselves into entrepreneurs and self-employed health caregivers.

He advised them to abide by the rules and regulations of their training institutions bearing in mind that they were under oath and must not misconduct themselves.

Mr Francis Azande Ayaaba, a Retired Educationist, who chaired the function, said It is only someone who has learnt enough who appreciates how little he knows, so every day of your life as a student, you must spend some time to learn.

Mr Ayaaba, who is also the Board Chairman of the BMTC, entreated the students to be dedicated and love their profession, which he described as a calling and marvelous job.

He said nurses were supposed to be smartly dressed and admonished the trainees to endeavour to appear neat because their physical appearance could sometimes uplift the mood of a patient.

The joint ceremony had a total of 130 first-year trainees from the BNTC comprising 90 males and 40 females and 100 students from the BMTC made up of 55 Diploma and 45 Post Basic students.

Source: Ghana News Agency