Not all problems are spiritual – Bishop Badu

Accra Bishop Benjamin Badu, Founder and Leader of the Prayer Chapel at Bubiashie in Accra, has urged Christians to desist from perceiving every problem that comes their way to be caused by evil spirits.

He said some sicknesses and diseases could be caused by stress, the environment, and unhygienic conditions and self-inflicted and therefore people should stop blaming them on the devil for which they desperately sought for spiritual intervention.

Bishop Badu gave the advice in an interview with the Ghana News Agency on the rationale for his book Power over Demons which addresses some of the challenges Christians faced.

He said: It is a must for every Christian believer either new convert or apostle to have insightful revelations about causes and antidote to satanic oppression.

Bishop Badu said after organizing crusades for over three years on the theme: Passion for Christ it was revealed that people needed total deliverance in their marital, financial and social lives, which inspired him to write the book.

He said the 211-page book sought to guide Christians to overcome demonic attacks and influence, whilst addressing issues of sin and sicknesses among others.

He advised Christians to disabuse their minds of the notion that people who needed deliverance were demon-possessed and quoted Hosea 4:6 for lack of knowledge my people perish.

Bishop Badu said the book also sought to teach about self-deliverance and encouraged Christians to visit for their copies.

Source: Ghana News Agency