NDC Leaked Tape Was Not Obtained Through Bugging – Security Analyst

A Security analyst, Adam Bonah has said the leaked NDC tape could not have been obtained through bugging as the party claims.

The National Communications Officer of the NDC, Sammy Gyamfi accused the government of engaging in illegal espionage while responding to the leaked tape on Wednesday.

We know the government is engaged in illegal espionage activities in this country; employing state resources and the national security apparatus to spy on political opponents.

But Mr Bonah said the tape sounds nothing like one that was acquired through bugging.

He explained on Joy FM’s Top Story that This does not go anywhere near anything like bugging. There are certain parameters that you need to establish if you need to bug an office or somebody.

If you listen to the tape, it is not so clear and you can hear the distance in terms of targetthe person who was talking and where the person who was recording or the alleged bugging device was. It does not work that way, he added.

Mr Bonah who is an expert in bugging and de-bugging said anyone who had the appropriate expertise would have deployed the right systems for a bugging job.

That system, he said, would have a lot of functions �voice cancellation, be able to pick voice amplifications – and looking at it [the leaked tape], I don’t think it comes anywhere close to the facility being bugged.

I think it is more of someone who used a simple tool �perhaps a mobile phone or a recording device – and was probably farther away from the target , Mr Bonah who claimed to have reviewed the tape close to 50 times added.

Expert Analysis

Mr Bonah who is CEO of Security Warehouse, however , agrees for experts to analyse the leaked tape.

He said it was important for the voice on the tape, which sounds like that of the NDC’s Chairman, Samuel Ofosu Ampofo, to be verified.

It is very important because the voice could be that of the NDC Chairman but the person speaking might not be the NDC Chairmanand so the fact that they said a voice sounds like you, does not necessarily mean it is you.

So we need to be able to forensically put the tape through a lot of techniques to be able to see if indeed it was him who as on the tape.

He also wants security beefed up around the people who were mentioned in the tape so that no other person takes advantage of the comments to do anything untoward.

Source: Modern Ghana