National fitness day launched at Hohoe

Mr Daniel Sarpei, the Volta Regional Director of Sports, has called on Ghanaians to participate in the National Fitness Day to ensure their fitness and its continuity.

He said the fitness day was important because it reminded people to exercise to be healthy to enjoy their wealth.

The National Fitness Day will be held nationwide on the second Saturday of every month.

Mr Sarpei, in an interview with the Ghana News Agency during the Volta Regional launch of the Day at Hohoe, disclosed that health was paramount to all because when people were healthy, they could engage in all activities.

“When you exercise, the more stronger the muscles become, and the better the heart performs.”

He said exercising also increase one’s range of motion at the joints adding: “you see some people who can’t even scratch their back because their arms are so rigid.”

Mr Sarpei urged individuals to exercise daily to stay healthy and commended the Government for introducing the day, while applauding participants at the launch.

Professor Oluwaseun O. Omotayo, the Head of Department of Sports and Exercise Medical Sciences, University of Health and Allied Sciences, said people became healthy and mentally alert when they engage in sporting activities.

Students who engage in physical fitness had advanced cognitive development and were clever in school, he said.

Source: Ghana News Agency