NASPAWAP fears forced shutdown

Accra, The National Association of Sachet and Packaged Water Producers (NASPAWAP) says it fears the absence of a tax stamp affixing machines for member companies on the eve of the enforcement of the tax stamp, could force them to shut down operations.

The association said the unavailability of the tax stamp affixing machines at their producing companies meant that they would have to use the government owned one at the Tema Port for the time being.

The NASPAWAP says the short term solution, however, would cause great inconvenience to producers and could have adverse impact on productivity because of the proximity of the machine to their various bases of operation and the time involved.

The association in a statement to the Ghana News Agency, said all bottled water companies would on Monday, March 5, 2018 meet to assess the impact of the current situation and decide on possible shutdown if necessary.

The NASPAWAP confirmed that none of its member had been able to acquire the tax stamp affixing machine in a meeting on Wednesday.

Source: Ghana News Agency


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