Lungu-Awaa Bridge in a deplorable state

Lungu (UE) The Lungu-Awaa Bridge in the Bongo District of the Upper East Region is in a deplorable state.

The bridge, which is located on the Lungu-Awaa-Vea intersection, connects three major communities, and many others to the district capital Bongo, Bolgatanga, the regional capital, and Namoo border near Burkina Faso, have been left for years to deteriorate.

When the Ghana News Agency visited the site, it observed the deterioration state of the bridge, which is almost collapsing.

Parts of the bridge had been eroded, leaving it hanging serving as a risk to motorists and residents who use the road.

As a result of the heavy rains recorded this year, the edges of the road have been washed off and a gorge created beside the bridge.

Residents of the area have cut some logs with leaves and placed in the gorge to serve as a warning sign to road users, to prevent accidents.

Residents who spoke to the Ghana News Agency said many accidents had occurred at that site, adding that the bridge might collapse by the end of the rainy season this year if it was not attended to.

Naba Amunga Ayamdoo, the Chief of Lungu told the GNA that the bridge connected so many communities including Gowrie, Vea to the regional capital, and Zorko to other major communities such as Lungu, Balungu, Namoo and Bongo among others.

The Chief noted that vehicles used to ply that road to Burkina Faso through the Namoo border and vice versa but could not do so anymore due to the deplorable nature of the road.

He said if the bridge collapsed, it would cut off many communities from accessing essential services such as economic activities, education and health care in the district capital, Bongo.

Describing the situation as a death trap and a threat to the lives of the people who access the road daily, the Chief appealed to the Bongo District Assembly and the government to urgently repair the bridge to prevent further accidents and save lives.

Mr Cletus Avila, a resident of the Lungu community, urged Mr Peter Ayamga Ayinbisa, the District Chief Executive and the incumbent MP, Mr Edward Bawa, who are both parliamentary candidates for the NPP and NDC to fix the bridge and the road.

“If the bridge collapses, nobody will be able to cross and vote for any candidate on December 7,” he added.

The DCE who visited the bridge to ascertain the extent of damage said the situation was beyond the resources of the District Assembly.

He promised to lobby the government through the Regional Feeder Road Engineer and the Ministry of Roads and Highways to have the road and bridge rehabilitated.

Source: Ghana News Agency