Lordina Mahama interacts with young ladies at a singles camp meeting

Former First Lady, Lordina Dramani Mahama, has shared time-tested advice with young ladies attending a singles camp meeting and inspired them to make the most of their singleness while striving for personal and spiritual growth.

Mrs Mahama was speaking as the special guest of honour at the 2024 Young Singles Camp Meeting of the Assemblies of God Church held at the AGGAR Retreat and Resort Centre at Shai Hills.

The event was a three-day singles programme for young ladies in the church.

In her address, Mrs Mahama emphasised the profound importance of embracing singleness as a unique gift from God.

She encouraged the young ladies to seize this phase in their lives, using it as a golden opportunity to nurture their dreams and aspirations before embarking on the journey of marriage.

Mrs Mahama, also a certified counsellor, underscored the significance of building individual capacities, pursuing formal education, learning a vocation, and striving to reach one’s full potential.

Personal care and appearance wer
e also emphasised, with Mrs Mahama urging the young ladies to dedicate time to self-care and be mindful of their appearance.

She highlighted that caring for oneself is not just about physical appearance but also about nurturing one’s inner self and maintaining a positive outlook. Mrs Mahama stressed the significance of investing time in the things of God through prayer and godly fellowship.

The former First Lady and president of the Lordina Foundation warned the young ladies against the temptations that come with youth, such as fornication, alcoholism, drugs, and an indecent lifestyle.

She advised them to remain vigilant and not succumb to peer pressure, encouraging them to uphold self-discipline and godliness in all their endeavours.

In recognition of her generosity and motherly role to the youth of the church and the nation, the leadership of the Young Single Group presented a citation to Mrs Mahama.

Source: Ghana Web