Let’s harness the power of our intellect for collective good of Party-PI Chairman

Mr Micheal Asare Appiah, the Chairman of the Patriotic Intellectuals, (PI) Ghana, a wing of the New Patriotic Party has called on members to harness the power of their intellect to support and enhance the vision and objectives of the party.

He said, the PI, held a pivotal role in the sustenance of political power in the 2024 general elections through valuable insights, critical analysis, strategic recommendations; ‘as intellectuals we possess a unique responsibility to ensure our party remains at the forefront of national affairs.’

Mr Appiah, who is also Government Appointee on the Sekondi-Takoradi Metropolitan Assembly, told the Ghana News Agency on Monday that the PI was endowed with extensive expertise and profound knowledge and, thus, had a critical role in conducting research and analysis to inform the policies and decisions, evaluating the effectiveness and impact of existing policies and as well propose novel ideas.

He said, by the above action, the NPP would develop well informed, evidence-based po
licies that best served the interests of all manner of Ghanaians.

Mr Appiah, also a Lecturer at the Takoradi Technical University encouraged members of the Association to actively engage with Ghanaians, serve as a bridge between the party and the people, facilitate open and transparent communication.

‘We must try to articulate complex policy issues in a manner that is inclusive, accessible and reliable as well as relatable to empower citizens to participate in the political process, contribute their ideas and concerns, and forge a stronger bond between the party and the wider public,’ the PI Chairman added.

Mr Appiah added that in 2024, the PI hoped to organize workshops, undertake scientific polls to test the fortunes of the party, grassroots activism, and develop partnerships with other think tanks to lend credibility to the party’s policies.

Touching on the candidature of Dr Mahamadu Bawumia, as the NPP’s flagbearer for Election 2024, he noted how Ghana was blessed to have such a leader in the driving
seat to take Ghana to a better destination in terms of Socio-political and economic emancipation.

He said, the PI would offer unrelenting support towards the Bawumia Agenda and galvanize support towards victory 2024.

Source: Ghana News Agency