Leaders advised to rely on Jesus for directions

Ghanaians especially, leaders have been advised to rely solely on Jesus Christ for the economic solutions of the country.

Pastor Joseph Daadune, the Area Pastor of the Deeper Life church in Tumu gave the advice on the eve of Christmas during a church service.

He said Christmas marks the birth of Jesus, which brought salvation as he came to save mankind from sins saying, “Desist from the evil things that we do and receive Jesus Christ as our saviour”.

He expressed hope that the new year will bring new things to all Ghanai ans as they embarked on the global crusade on the 24th night where the headquarters shared the word of God with all.

He said Ghana and parts of the world was currently experiencing economic hardship and stressed the importance of prayer and relying on God for improvement in the economic situation.

Pastor Kwabena David Dorsu, the Area pastor of the Pentecost church said the burden of sin brought on people could be solved by living righteous lives.

“If Ghana is looking for somebody to take it out of its economic problems, then it’s only Jesus Christ who is a saviour of the world and we must rely on Him”, he said.


Source: Modern Ghana

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