Killer of Cape Coast Dancehall Artist sentenced to death by hanging

Bright Ellis, a 27-year-old who murdered a Cape Coast dancehall artist, Emmanuel Aikins, known in the music industry as “Unruly Grant” has been sentenced to death by hanging by Cape Coast High Court A.

The over two-year case was ruled by Justice Emmanuel Lodoh after reading close to a two-hour judgement.

Mr Vincent Nyenaku, represented the Anthony General in the case.

The painful murder of the artiste followed a short misunderstanding that ensued between him and the convict, Ellis, at the famous Orange Beach Resort near the Cape Coast Castle sometime in February 2021.

On Sunday, February 7, at 1450 hours, the Police received a report of disturbances at Orange Beach Resort involving Ellis and the deceased.

In the process, Ellis stabbed the deceased with a knife, and he was rushed to the Cape Coast Metropolitan Hospital for treatment but was pronounced dead on arrival.

Ellis, who also sustained cuts on his left hand, made a report at the Police station against Mr Aikins and was issued with a Police medical report form for treatment.

The convict was later arrested at the same hospital where he was seeking medical attention and had been detained to assist with investigations.

The deceased is a former student of Oguaa Senior High School and was the Region’s Best Dancehall Artiste during the 2018 Central Music Awards with over 3,258 followers.

He was known by many as a “lyrical beef master” and described as lively, respectful and a determined young man.

Madam Kate Swanzy, the mother of the deceased in an interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA) expressed gratitude to the judge for giving them justice.

She advised the citizenry to exercise patience during court proceedings, adding that though it ran slowly, justice would be served at the end.

Madam Swanzy said that she understood court proceedings now saying, “I thought the case ended after he was granted bail.”

She thanked Mr Nyenaku for the support and collaboration throughout the case.

Source: Ghana News Agency