Kayoyi Ltd begins operations in Ghana

Kayoyi Limited, a leading e-commerce company, has begun operations in the country with the goal to fulfill the long awaited desire of the ordinary Ghanaian consumers looking for quality products at their doorsteps.

All products listed on Kayoyi Ghana’s page are of top-notch quality with trusted brands and supplies to maximise customer satisfaction and build brand loyalty.

It is the only platform that has all Muslim products such as quality Abaya, Jalabs, Tasbaha, Islamic books amongst others.

Mr Senna Bortsi, Chief Executive Officer, Kayoyi Ghana, who briefed the Ghana News Agency about the operations of the company in the country, said, ‘The company, as an effective standards unit, ensures that all products listed on its page for sale are verified from trusted sources and manufacturers.’

Mr Bortsi said the company had the best rapid delivery system deployed across the country adding, ‘The delivery unit ensures customers get their products within a 24-hour mark period. It is revealing that this is one of
the hallmarks of Kayoyi everywhere it operates, and the company is making efforts to improve this even further.’

He said the company had several promotional campaigns all-year-round adding, ‘The current Eid Promo, which seeks to give customers the opportunity to buy any product on our webpage at a reduced price, is nothing but the brightest campaign so far in the e-commerce sector in Ghana.’

He said: ‘With its added advantage of comfort and convenience, bespoke orders, flexible payment plan, on time delivery and many more is nothing less than mouth-watering packages for the Ghanaian consumer. These and many more campaigns will follow in the coming years.’

He touched on the company’s infrastructure, saying it had deployed an advanced state-of-the-art infrastructure to ensure access, convenience, responsive, user-friendly interface, and safe e-commerce transactions in the country.

Mr Bortsi spoke about corporate social responsibility and indicated, ‘The company empowers its customers, suppliers, staff, and
the public in ways that have an overall impact on the operational environment. Regular educational programmes will be organised for customers on best customer service, fashion trends and wardrobe malfunction remedies.’

Kayoyi Ghana has an exceptional customer relations culture with its well-trained customer centric staff, after sales inquiry and above all continuous communication pattern to assist the customers satisfy their desires in products purchase and enquiry,’ he said.

Source: Ghana News Agency