Justice for Mohbad

I came across the music of the talented young artist Mohbad only after his untimely passing, and his songs have been playing non-stop since Tuesday, as I’m a devoted music enthusiast. It’s disheartening to reflect on the tragic circumstances of his death and the rushed, unceremonious burial by his own father. May his soul rest in peace.

It’s a stark reminder that many good people don’t live long in this often cruel world, where sometimes the enemies hide within our own circles, be they friends or family.

From what I’ve gathered online and heard in interviews, Mohbad joined the Malian Record Label in 2020 with aspirations for his music career. Unfortunately, it became evident that the label had connections to illicit activities such as cultism and drug business.

Mohbad and his colleagues were allegedly pressured to partake in these activities alongside their music careers, a proposition he vehemently declined. His refusal led to his blacklisting within the label. Consequently, he chose to sever ties with the record label, as he felt his music career was no longer being promoted.

Despite their attempts to keep him, he forcefully left, prompting threats and harassment directed at him, even sabotaging his bookings for shows. These threats were documented with video evidence, and he reported them to the Nigerian police, but sadly, no action was taken, highlighting flaws in our institutions.

On camera, Mohbad expressed, “if I die, hold Malian Records and Naira Marley responsible,” a plea for help that went unanswered until it was tragically too late.

In all of this, I find fault with his father, who appeared passive and neglectful in the face of threats to his son’s life. It’s bewildering that some individuals could menace your son’s life, and you stood by without intervening until his mysterious death. Furthermore, the manner in which his burial was hastily conducted is deeply troubling.

It’s perplexing that a father could be so afraid to confront Malian Records on behalf of his endangered son.

What was he afraid of, especially at his age? Fear of death? He had lived a considerable life; why not gather support from his community to confront these threats and report them to the authorities while drawing public attention to the matter to safeguard his son?

Some fathers, sadly, fail in their responsibilities. The way he laid his son to rest, like an unknown, is nothing short of distressing. Even without wealth, one should have the wisdom to act responsibly. In this regard, he is the one who has truly lost, for Mohbad is gone. May he rest in peace.

For young people, Mohbad’s tragic death must serve as a reminder not to rush in pursuit of success. Not every opportunity is a good one, and the climb to success should be gradual, without being unduly pressured by external forces, fame, or wealth.

Lastly, it’s essential to consider exhuming Mohbad’s body for a thorough autopsy to determine the true cause of his demise. If foul play is found, those responsible should be brought to justice.

Source: Ghana Web