IMPRAC to organize forum on Ethical Recruitment

Accra The International Migration Policy Recruitment and Advisory Centre (IMPRAC) to hold a forum on issues around the impacts of COVID-19 on migrant workers with a focus on ethical recruitment of international labour.

The forum, slated for January 21 would also be used to launch the Centre’s website to create awareness on the range of international migration services to migrants before, during and upon arrival at their final destinations particularly in the period of COVID-19.

“The launch of the website is to create awareness on the range of international migration services provided by IMPRAC for the benefit of migrants,” a statement signed by Madam Matilda Kudafa, IMPRAC Director of Operations and copied to the Ghana News Agency in Accra on Tuesday stated.

According to the statement, the website would also provide potential migrants with the opportunity to access the services of IMPRAC, to make informed decisions about their migration plans through timely and reliable information.

The statement said COVID-19 have had more severe impact migrants who were already in vulnerable situations even before the outbreak of the pandemic.

This, it indicated were people like refugees, asylum-seekers, migrants in irregular situations, migrants working with hazardous livelihoods or working in the informal sector as well as victims of trafficking either in their own countries or across borders.

The statement described the impacts of the pandemic as unbalanced which presented itself in three interlocking crises which include the worsening of already existing challenges.

“The disproportionate impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on people on the move presents itself as three interlocking crises, exacerbating existing vulnerabilities; notably as a health crisis as people on the move find themselves exposed to the virus with limited tools to protect themselves.

“Secondly, a socio-economic crisis impacting people on the move with precarious livelihoods, particularly those working in the informal economy with no or limited access to social protection measures.

“Third crises were the issue of protection for migrants as borders were closed and movements restricted to curb the spread of the pandemic,” the statement stated.

This, it said had severe impacts on the rights of migrants who found themselves trapped in extremely dangerous conditions.

Source: Ghana News Agency