I made doom prophecy on Sherif Black not Black Sherif – Nigel Gaisie

Founder of Prophetic Hill Chapel, Nigel Gaisie, has clarified a recent Facebook where he makes a doom prophecy about a popular musician.

In the post, Gaisie references a certain Sheriff Black tasking his family to pray for him because of something unpleasant he (Gaisie) had seen in the spirit.

“Let the family of Sheriff Black…PRAY FOR HIM TALK TO HIM DEEPLY, I I DIDN’T LIKE WHAT I SAW ABOUT HIM SOME FEW MINUTES AGO… Life is PRICELESS. I saw the mother crying uncontrollable,” his post read in part.

The media widely reported the news as a prophecy on Black Sherif but Gaisie clarified on the September 16, 2023 edition of UTV’s United Showbiz Show that he did not refer directly to the artiste.

“That is your word,” he responded when the host asked if he referred to Black Sherif by his post.

He continued: “with prophecies, we see and prophesy in bits, I didn’t hear Black Sherif, I heard Sherif Black. I saw Sherif Black in the spirit. But whichever way it is, a sensible person can make deductions from it.

“Prophecies come figuratively, so if there is anything close to anything about or close to me, I can take steps. It is better safe than sorry and people in the arts after anything is said about them have often attacked the clergy,” he added.

Source: Ghana Web