I have not seen much commitment from gov’t to fight corruption – Special Prosecutor


The Special Prosecutor, Kissi Agyebeng is hoping that in the coming years, governments will show more commitment to fighting corruption in Ghana.

Speaking during an engagement with Joy News on Saturday, January 31, the Special Prosecutor disclosed that he is not sure the country is ready to fight corruption.

“We expect so much from the institutions fighting corruption, but collectively, are we ready?”

“A good measure of the reason why I say we are not ready yet, is that more than 60% of persons fear retaliation if they report corruption. And it is very dire. Even law enforcement agencies, even the Office of the Special prosecutor, even the Special Prosecutor himself is not spared this specter of pushback retaliation and that is why I situate it in the question I asked that are we ready. Everyone should ask themselves,” Special Prosecutor Kissi Agyebeng noted.

He further stressed, “on the part of the government, is the government ready? I have not seen much commitment. Let us see that commitment, but from where I sit, I do not see it.”

Meanwhile, Kissi Agyebeng has admonished anti-corruption institutions to join heads to do more in fighting corruption.

According to him, it is the only way Ghana can deal with the canker that sees the country lose millions of cedis every year.

“On the part of anti-corruption institutions, and by this I am referring to the flagship agencies, Office of the Special Prosecutor, CHRAJ, EOCO and other anti-corruption agencies. Are we really doing what the republic has tasked us to do or we are engaging in our own predilections?

“We have done much in collaboration, in forging ahead together, in fighting corruption, but is there more we can do, I believe we can do more, we can win the fight against corruption. So I charge the anti-corruption agencies, let us do so. Let us not disappoint Ghana,” Mr. Agyebeng proposed.

Source: Modern Ghana