Hundred days of assessment of government is pre-mature

Accra, Some Ghanaians in Accra have expressed worry over the recently released 100 days achievements of government with the argument that it was “quick, too fast and premature” to assess government in its hundred days in office.

A Ghana News Agency (GNA) random interviews conducted at the Ministries in Accra on Tuesday revealed that many Ghanaian elite thought that the first 100 days for the assessment of any government was not enough since governance spanned over a four-year period.

Mr Paul Osei-Akoto, a civil servant said: “I don’t think that a government should be assessed within the first 100 days”.

He said that the government had done well with the restoration of the teacher and nursing trainee allowances adding that the government should develop measures to harness the general well-being of the citizenry.

Mr Anthony Darkwah, a clearing agent said although taxes on petroleum had been reviewed downwards, he did not benefit in anyway as transport fares had been adjusted upwards by 15 per cent making the situation more unbearable for the ordinary Ghanaian.

He said it would take about a year for the average citizen to benefit from the achievement spelt out by the Akufo-Addo – led government as their major attainments for the first 100 days in office.

Mr Maxwell Odame, another civil servant said although it was remarkable on the part of government sharing information on its achievements in the first 100 days, he believed it would had been prudent if government had taken its time to avoid errors associated with the previous government.

He said the government deserved commendation for the achievements within the short period of time.

Mr Odame commended government for restoration of teacher trainee allowances and the free SHS policy adding that the government needed to focus more on measures that would ensure the success of the effective implementation of the free SHS instead of rushing to execute it to redeem election promises.

He expressed satisfaction at responses of reports on galamsey issues and the gradual recovery of the depreciating Cedi, which would repose confidence onto the business community to invest in the economy.

Nana Asare, a Freight forwarder told the GNA that taxes on spare parts were still pending and that he expected government to implement the tax cut within the first 100 days to positively affect the lives of Ghanaians.

Source: Ghana News Agency