Godpapa The Greatest still ‘locked up’ at Pantang Hospital awaiting AG’s approval – Kofi Adomah

Media personality Kofi Adomah Nwanwani has updated the public on the health status of the socialite duo Empress Lupita and her spouse Godpapa The Greatest.

He reported that Empress Lupita has left Pantang Hospital, having been medically cleared as mentally sound after nearly seven months of treatment.

He added that while Godpapa The Greatest is also recuperating, his discharge is pending due to the awaited paperwork from the Attorney General, Godfred Dame.

Kofi Adomah relayed that Empress Lupita has rejoined her father and resumed activity on TikTok, indicating her recovery.

“Empress Lupita has returned. Pantang Hospital discharged her following confirmation of her well-being. GodFather the Greatest’s family, responsible for her medical expenses, have entrusted her to her father after a nearly six-month hospital stay.

“The A-G has determined they are not liable for any criminal charges. Godpapa The Greatest awaits document finalization and the A-G’s consent. Meanwhile, his wife, Empress Lupita, has been
discharged and is actively posting on TikTok,” he said in Twi in a video shared by AbaTheGreat on Instagram.

It will be recalled that the couple, suspected of mental instability and implicated in the alleged murder and burial of their children, have been a subject of concern.

Their youngest child managed to escape, later recounting distressing experiences under their guardianship.

Known on TikTok as Godpapa The Greatest and Empress Lupita, they garnered attention before their apprehension.

In an interview, they confessed to sacrificing a child, believing him to be demonically influenced and a future threat to society.

Their social media activity offered insights into their domestic life until their arrest.

Subsequently, they were released in court, facing no formal accusations.

Source: Ghana Web