GNA remains a unique voice of Ghana – Madam Kuwornu

Accra The Ghana News Agency (GNA) remains a unique voice of Ghana by defining the country in the scheme of Africa and world affairs through authentic news gathering, Madam Doris Kuwornu, the Chairperson, ICT/Editorial Committee of the GNA Board, said on Tuesday.

“No one can take this from the Agency …I believe that GNA will continue to tell positive Ghanaian narratives to the world and most importantly, to the people of Ghana,” she said at the opening of a two-day training workshop on Digital News Production, which the Board of Directors organsied for the editorial staff.

Madam Kuwornu said the power of images and sound in telling stories was so profound it could not be underestimated, adding: “During the COVID-19 lockdown, GNA produced some very interesting video documentaries and I still remember the one on the frontline workers leading Ghana’s fight to overcome COVID 19. Ghana is very grateful for your initiative.”

She asked the staff to take video features and mini documentaries seriously and “… continue to use digital news gathering to direct where we want our societies to head, than to only consistently complain about the dangers we duel in. We must complain, but we must also set positive agendas.”

Madam Kuwornu said images of “extreme poverty, witchcraft, and rag-attired neighbours screaming at each other over coins, only re-cycled same dividends in reality.”

She said the saying: “What you see is what you get,” affirmed the reality that the future of nations was in the hands of newsmakers, filmmakers and broadcasters as the world was now only a click away.

“Digital news gathering must, therefore, be used as a medium for re-ordering our thought systems and for re-constructing our identities,” she added.

Mr Albert Kofi Owusu, the General Manager of the Agency, said as a primary news provider the GNA was poised to taking a commanding lead in the digital space to provide subscribers with well-known brand of credible news, leveraging on cutting-edge technology.

That would see an expansion of services from text-to-voice formats, including video, infographics and digital photography, he said.

“We have already set the tone with the redesigning of GNA’s own website, introducing user-interactive features, including a photobank and GNA TV,” Mr Owusu said.

“We have propped up our online and social media unit ensuring that our products reach new audiences via our social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.”

Mrs Beatrice Asamani Savage, the Director of Editorial, said the Agency was taking back its rightful place on the media landscape in Ghana and beyond and charged the staff to use digital tools to reaffirm the Newswire’s position as the reference point for authentic news.

She said the training was essential to broaden the horizon of reporters on changing trends in the digital space to enable them to disseminate information in a manner that met contemporary standards.

Mr Joseph Debrah-Gyamfi, a Member of the National Media Commission, expressed joy that GNA was preparing itself to take back its enviable position on the media landscape in Ghana and beyond.

Mr Francis Gbormittah, a Board Member of GNA, and Facilitator of the workshop, said the training would help sharpen the skills of the editorial team to enhance the speed and accuracy the Agency is noted for in its news dissemination.

Source: Ghana News Agency