Ghanaian fitness trainer slams ‘ungrateful’ Awako

Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of Train Like A Pro, Francis Laryea, has slammed Hearts of Oak midfielder, Gladson Awako, describing him as an ungrateful player.

Laryea, who claims to have defended the former TP Mazembe man for a long while, lashed out at the player in an interview on HB TV.

“Gladson Awako is very ungrateful. I’ve gone to a lot of interviews and defended him. When he went to Hearts of Oak, I defended him a lot. They used to call me that I’m his trainer so this and that and I defended him,” he said.

“If Awako has to pay me, I can get about 50,000(did not state the currency). I gave him the energy that he is using now. Even if you have your mallam, God, or whatever without your energy you can’t perform.”

He concluded that with all the money Awako is getting, he has not made attempts to gift him something as his former trainer.

“When he wanted it he sued to chase me. He will get to the field before me. Look at the money he is receiving at Hearts of Oak. It’s not even about the money. You be like ‘you have supported me a lot, so take these 10 boxes.” But he doesn’t know how to do that. That is why, although he is performing but still…In this World it’s ‘hand go, hand come.’ Somebody has helped you, if you don’t get positive backing from the person, you will never go far.

Francis Laryea worked with Gladson Awako when the player returned to Ghana after a short spell in USA.

Source: Ghana Web