Ghana’s Ministry of Health has launched a National Healthcare Quality Strategy which will serve as the standard to measure the quality of healthcare and its impact on public health om the country.

The strategy focuses on the ideal state of quality healthcare system and the current state, the need to make healthcare more accessible, safe and patient-centred as well as address environmental, social and behavioural influences on healthcare delivery.

It also sets priorities which address gaps in the health system and proposes ways to identify areas for improvement and measure progress.

Health Minister Alex Segbefia said in a speech read on his behalf by Dr Afisah Zakariah, Chief Director at the Ministry, noted that country held its first National Quality Forum in September last year and underscored the need to develop a National Healthcare Quality Strategy.

The Minister said the need for an integrated national strategy for improving the quality of care and patient safety had been identified in the national medium-term strategy, which also called out mental health care and traditional medicine for attention.

“The overall vision is to create a health system that places the client at the centre of health care and ensures improved measurable health outcomes. Achieving this will require stronger leadership and coordination from the Ministry of all its agencies to address identified gaps inhibiting improved patient care and outcomes,” he said.