GBFA Ghana would have a new face from 2019 – Yartey

Accra- Mr. Abdul Hay Yartey, President for the Ghana Bodybuilding and Fitness Association (GBFA), has said they are working on getting athletes to participate in more competitions in the coming year, as they seek for more corporate sponsorships.

According to Mr. Yartey, who is representing Ghana at the International Federation of Body Building (IFBB) Conference in Spain, lack of funds and sponsorship have hindered bodybuilders from Ghana from competing in most of international events.

IFBB is a big family and I would love for our athletes to be part of it next year, there are a lot of countries here but due to finances, Ghana couldn’t get any athlete here.

I am promising lovers of bodybuilding that in 2019, the GBFA or IFBB Ghana would have a different face all together, we are hoping that we get the necessary financial backing to help develop bodybuilding to a higher height he added.

Mr Yartey, in an interview said there was the need for the Government and Corporate bodies to come on board to promote the game of bodybuilding, which serves as an employment for many youth in Ghana.

There are a lot of good and healthy young guys in Ghana, who exhibited good competition in South Africa in the previous tournament, but couldn’t make it to this year at Spain.

I am sure if the government or corporate bodies come on board, and we get funds to push these guys to be participating in these types of championships, it would help them as a form of employment.

These types of conferences and championships brings a lot of people together and it’s a platform for networking, which is very good for future purposes he added.

Mr Yartey is currently in Spain attending a three day conference from 9th November to 11th November, 2018, where Ghana couldn’t present ant athlete for the competition.

Source: Ghana News Agency