Frytol and Fortune celebrates over 500 women during mothers day

Mothers’ day which occurs on the second Sunday in the month of May, remains one of the important days observed by many Ghanaians. The day is observed to appreciate mothers and women at home, the workplace, church, and society, and both Frytol and Fortune joined in this celebration to duly appreciate mothers for all the sacrifices they make for their families and society.

Prior to Mother’s day, both brands Frytol & Fortune engaged several women groups in cooking competitions as a way of offering these women a platform for trying out new recipes for replicating at home to increase the menu variations for the family.

The activations were extended to the Churches including the Pentecost women’s ministry cook-off in Ashiaman, which saw about 100 women in attendance who became users of the Frytol and Fortune products during their cook-off sessions.

Amidst all the excitement, all the women in attendance carried home goody bags filled with Frytol and Fortune products and any other produced by Wilmar Africa Limited.

Across the digital space via the Frytol Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages, Frytol brought smiles to 30 mothers as overall winners in the mother’s day campaign, dubbed “What Goodness means to my mother”. This was an extension of the “You Deserve a Life of Goodness” campaign, which promotes wellness, and good nutrition among Ghanaians whiles providing support systems, particularly for women.

Experience from previous mother’s day engagements showed that although people put in efforts to appreciate mothers and women in general, the question remains on what particularly women desire as an appreciation and thus would want to continuously have for themselves. “what Goodness means to my mother” campaign was therefore rolled out to give an opportunity to women particularly mothers to tell the world what Goodness means to them for which the Frytol sort to give these women that life of goodness.

Similarly, the Fortune brand rewarded 200 mothers across some churches. At the International Charismatic Church in Fadama, the Generation X movement of the church battled it out in a cooking competition as they made sumptuous meals for their mothers in the church as a way of appreciating them with additional goody bags for all mothers.

Other celebrations in the form of partnership with media houses included Portrait of Mama by Citi TV and Citi Fm, “Ena pa ye- Maame Ayekoo” program done in partnership with the Multimedia Group of Companies under Adom TV, Joy FM, and Luv Fm cluster,

Frytol & Fortune is celebrating mothers this month of May because they truly deserve a life of goodness and are key pillars in the grooming and raising of the next generation. Frytol and Fortune appreciate women for all their efforts and sacrifices they make from caring for the family and providing delicious meals all year round through great products such as Frytol oils and Fortune rice and margarine.

Frytol oil is fortified with Vitamin A to promote good eyesight and boost the immune system, and comes in two (2) variants; Frytol Vegetable Oil and Sunflower Oil available in bottles and pouches (sachets). The Fortune rice range is formulated to meet the need of every consumer. The rice grains do not stick together and come out as single grains with an irresistible taste and aroma.

The Fortune Thai, Viet Delight, Classic, and Delicious has been designed to make every rice meal delicious, tasty, and of great aroma. Fortune is Always on Point just like Mom.

Source: Ghana Web