Fisheries Alliance condemns pre-mix fuel diversion

Accra, The Fisheries Alliance, an advocacy group, has condemned the alleged massive diversion of 249 tankers of pre-mix fuel.

Mr Samson Mahu, Chairman of the Volta Inland Fishermen Association, who spoke on behalf of the Alliance at a press briefing in Accra said the fact that premix fuel was highly subsidised, corruption in its management is simple thievery of the common tax payer.

He alleged that local fishermen who the premix fuel was meant for were not receiving the product as most of the diverted premix fuel was being sold to unsuspecting drivers, leading to damaged car engines and breakdowns.

Mr Mahu said while the Alliance had made official complaints on the matter to the Ghana Police Service, the Parliament of Ghana, and other relevant Agencies on the matter, we are yet to receive any favourable response from them.

He said the Alliance sought to petition the Economic and Organised Crime Office and the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice on the matter.

We also want to put on record that we are not satisfied with the proposed actions in the joint statement issued by the combined Ministries of Fisheries and Energy, he said adding, many individuals are now lifting premix fuel in their individual or [private capacities and making profit from our taxes, Mr. Mahu said.

He proposed the immediate dissolution of the National Premix Committee or at least the removal of the chairman, and appointment of a substantive administrator.

Mr. Mahu said an investigation should be conducted into the diversion of over 249 tankers of premix fuel, as well as the activities of all staff at the premix secretariat, adding that all persons found culpable should also be prosecuted.

Source: Ghana News Agency