Farmer jailed for killing father’s dog

Asamankese (E/R)- The Asamankese Magistrate Court Presided over by Ms Cynthia Blagoggie, has sentenced one Richard Sowah, a farmer at Aboyensu near Adeiso to a month imprisonment for killing his father’s black male dog.

He pleaded guilty to the charge and was convicted on his own plea.

The court imposed a fine of GH2,400.00 or in default serve a month in prison, but the accused failed to raise the money leading to his incarceration.

The Prosecution had told the court that Sowah killed the dog after he was informed by a Mallam that the black dog in his father’s house was the cause of all his problems in this life.

The prosecution said Sowah noticed his father had left for a funeral and took advantage of the situation to kill the dog with a knife.

Source: Ghana News Agency