Factor Green introduces Red-Red beans in Ghanaian market

Accra- After 10 years of research and development, Factor Green, a wholly Ghanaian industry has introduced Awa Red-Red Beans into the Ghanaian market and beyond..

The product, which comes in various flavours and marked by unique colours are; Red Awa Red- Red Beans in Palm Oil sauce, Blue Awa Red-Red Beans Refined Palm Oil (olein) sauce, Brown Awa Red-Red Beans in Coconut Oil sauce and the Green Awa Red-Red Beans in Salted Water.

The product Awa Red-Red is made from Ghanaian local ‘blackeye’ beans from the fertile soils of the Northern parts of Ghana and is popularly served with Gari or cooked rice with spicy sauce (waakye).

Speaking to the Ghana News Agency in an exclusive interview in Accra, Mr Joseph Baako, Chief Executive Officer of Factor Green, producers of the canned beans said Quality Standards would not be compromised.

He said production process placed attention on scientifically cleaning the beans from all forms of foreign material by adhering to strict Food regulatory standards of Ghana Standard Authority and Food and Drugs Authority.

He said everything on the product, including; cans to the beans, oil, sauce, recipe, label design were proudly Made in Ghana, which was also creating direct and indirect job opportunities for Ghanaians.

On health, Mr Baako said his outfit was mindful of healthy living conditions as that formed the basis their business goals.

We have applied food technology that does not use, Preservatives in our preservation. Yet, the product has a two-year shelf life.

He said Awa red-red beans offered customers; convenience, time and energy, quality and consistently cooked beans garnished in a balanced stew made of healthy Ghanaian spices.

All you need to do now is to get yourself any flavour of Can of Awa Red-Red Beans of your choice, warm for 3-5 minutes, and your meal is ready or complement the warm beans with any food of your choice (Gari and fried Plantain, Rice, Yam, salad, Kenkey, Bread, kotonmire stew, Soup among others.

Beans in your food without meat, is the best gift to give to your body for a longer healthy life, Beans life, Best life.

Source: Ghana News Agency