Facebook Celebrates Africa’s Icons of Change

Accra- Facebook on Friday organised an event in Accra to celebrate Africa’s Icons of Change.

The programme brought together 40 Icons of Change people who were using the platform in various ways to build and drive change in their communities.

The event, being the first of its kind, also created the platform for young leaders to come together to share ideas and develop ways to solve Africa’s problems.

Mr Vincent Sowah Odotei, Deputy Minister for Communication, in his address, said he was excited whenever the youth exhibited a can-do spirit and did not shy away from trying to succeed.

He said the digital age facilitated the modernisatioin of government processes in service delivery, E-payments, driving of innovations in entrepreneurships, creation of jobs and transformation of businesses.

Mr Odotei said the youth were particularly well positioned to benefit from the benefits that came with the digital age, due to their early familiarity with digital technologies.

Thus, they would be able to tackle problems that required urgent and sustainable solutions.

He said to enhance literacy, the youth must be given the right foundation through their basic education.

Mr Odotei therefore urged leaders in various positions to ensure that the youth were at least able to obtain a secondary education.

He said it was important for the nation to focus on developing the digital skills of the youth to create critical minds for development.

As such, government had plans of investing in the software industry to develop homegrown data solutions for the African market.

He said as part of the youth-oriented development agenda of government, interventions were designed to empower the youth to start their own businesses.

However, he said government alone could not achieve its agenda without some collaborations with the private sector including; technological giants like Facebook.

He commended Facebook for their commitment towards the nurturing of young talents, especially those in Africa.

The celebration of the Icons of Change and the future of the continent would set the momentum for motivation of others to aspire for success, he added.

Mr Kojo Boakye, Head of Public Policy, Africa said Facebook had developer circles in more than 40 countries across Africa, adding that 54,000 Africans were engaged and used the developer circles to drive change.

He said Facebook also invested in small to medium businesses and trained them to leverage their entrepreneurial spirit and was hopeful that many of such events would be organised to honour many more Icons of Change.

He revealed that Facebook had undertaken other projects, which included; infrastructural changes in Nigeria, Uganda, South Africa and Kenya.

Source: Ghana News Agency