Exercise United Accord 2018 ends

Accra- A total of 800 military Staff Officers selected from around the world have ended a two-week programme aimed at promoting interoperability, enhancing positive multilateral relationships and peacekeeping operations.

The programme called Exercise United Accord 2018 (UA18) that is held every year empowered participants in field training exercises, focused on peacekeeping operations and medical readiness.

The exercise, sponsored by U.S. Africa Command also sought to increase the United Nations Multi-dimensional Integrated Stabilisation Mission in Mali’s capacity to plan, deploy, sustain and redeploy a combined joint task force in support of U.N. and African Union-mandated peacekeeping operations.

Mr Christoper Lamora, Charge D’Affaires, at the US Embassy stated that the UA18 was critical not only for the exposure, skills and training, but demonstrated the great importance of working together for a brighter future for Africa, and for the entire world.

That’s why the presence of our able colleagues from ECOWAS, the United Nations Multi-dimensional Integrated Stabilisation Mission in Mali’s, or MINUSMA’s and other partner nations has been critical to United Accord’s success, he said.

Mr Lamora said The world is becoming smaller and smaller, and more interconnected and most of this interconnectedness is for the good. However, it also means we increasingly face common threats that don’t stop at national borders and that therefore require a coordinated regional and international response.

He noted that country’s depended on each other hence the urgent need work together in a joint pursuit of promoting and ensuring lasting peace and security.

Because, if we don’t… if we fail to act in a coordinated way the future will remain dangerous and uncertain. And in a very practical sense, neither Mali nor its neighbours will be able to fully realise the promises of peace, democracy, and development, he said.

Mr Lamora likened a world with a united front to a traditional table that was carved from a single piece of solid wood, but in such a way that the interlocking pieces can move separately.

Each piece has its own strength, to be sure. But it’s only when the different elements are arranged in a specific, mutually reinforcing way that they can support a great weight.

Brigadier General Solomon Tei-Mensah Osabuty, Exercise Co-director, Ghana Armed Forces explained that as part of the programme participants were taken through both theoretical lessons and stimulation exercises to introduce them to some of the international best practices.

He advised participants to respect human rights at their various areas they were stationed to ensure peace. These countries you are posted to are already vulnerable so there is the need to protect them. Let’s us make sure we operate within the regulatory framework of the UN so these people will feel safe, he said.

Brigadier General Eugene J. LeBoeuf, the U.S. Army Africa acting Commanding General stated that the UA18 was a proactive way of preparing the military for any unforeseen circumstance.

Aside been alert and following leads we need to be always ready to maintain peace at conflict areas. To do that we are developing relationships, enhance our understanding, work together to respond to crises, he said.

Source: Ghana News Agency