Ewit Old Students donate items to the school

Accra, – The 1998 Year Group of Ewit Greenwich Classical Academy on Friday donated some items to their alma mater in Dansoman, to show their appreciation for the knowledge and training imparted into them.

The items valued at G0,000.00 included; a multi-purpose printer, scanning and photocopying machines, five boxes of A4 sheets, dictionaries, textbooks and several awards presented to teachers as well as students for being academically good, punctual, neat, and sociable.

The programme was witnessed by a section of old students, the administration and current students.

In a brief address, Ms Matilda Asamoah-Bediako, the President of the Year Group, said their motivation for the gesture was due to the close relations they had with each other.

She said although they saw the discipline instilled in them as punishment when they were in school, they were now reaping its benefits in society and encouraged all the students to empower themselves and fight their way through success.

She inspired the students to keep an open mind and learn about other cultures and languages and take advantage and get involved in all activities in school.

Strive for good grades, get organised, be in school, attend classes and work hard to achieve whatever you want in life, she stated.

Ms Asamoah-Bediako said, there was the need for students to assess themselves and make sure they were on the right path adding that; they should be bold to seek the necessary help if the need be.

She said the students must be prepared to create new ideas and allow their brains to explore to ensure that they take responsibilities of themselves and their actions.

Every problem may not have a solution right away, but don’t forget that every solution was once a problem, Ms Asamoah-Bediako said.

She entreated the students to be respectful, stay healthy, eat right, exercise, and not be afraid to ask for help.

Ms Asamoah-Bediako urged the entire staff and management to continue taking care of the pupils, give them the right information in a timely manner as they always did.

Parents on the other hand must nurture the well-being and academia of their wards and pay regular visits to the school to keep them updated on academic progress of their wards, she said.

She urge all old students to come together to support the school through its difficult times.

Mr Francis Avulletey, the Headmaster of the school who received the items expressed his gratitude to the timely intervention of the Group.

Like Oliver Twist, I hope in future they and other year groups, will always be associated with us and the problems of the school to help make Ewit the ‘Long lived Ewit we all know, he added.

Source: Ghana News Agency