Efficiency, innovation will propel high performance – IoD

Ho – Mr Rockson K. Dogbegah, President of the Institute of Directors Ghana, has said sustainable high performance in corporate environments require a combination of efficiency and innovation to achieve positive results.

He said both were crucial elements of corporate governance, which must not be overlooked.

Mr Dogbegah, who was delivering a lecture on Performance Management in Ho, as part of series of trainings in corporate governance, said high performance was a journey and not an outcome.

He said performance was dependent on a baseline of expectations anchored on past performance, taking into accounts the current context of sustainable, corrective and unacceptable zones and urged teams to calibrate their performance on the baseline.

Mr Dogbegah said team failure could be due to unclear shared goals, lack of clarity in roles and responsibility, rigidity to contrary evidence, insufficient inclusion in decision-making, no change in leadership and team processes as well as lack of maintenance and open communication.

He said performance was critically dependent on the leader and the team with the leader establishing clearer structures for managing the team.

Mr Dogbegah said structural team performances hinged on goal setting, value attachment, assigning roles, going by rules of the game, processes and interpersonal communication.

He continued that building trust by acknowledging issues and engaging others and turning respect of values into opportunities was very important.

Mr Dogbegah also underscored the importance of accountability in good corporate governance and performance management, saying, every little thing counts.

Accountability feels like an attack, when you are not ready to acknowledge how your behavior harms or not,” he added.

Source: Ghana News Agency