Consultant Psychiatrist to present medical certificate in court

Accra- An Accra High Court trying the alleged murderers of Mr J.B Danquah-Adu, the former Abuakwa-North constituency Member of Parliament has directed Dr Sammy Ohene, the Consultant Psychiatrist at Accra Psychiatric Hospital, to bring along his medical certificate at the next adjourned date.

Other documents required from the Consultant Psychiatric are his passport and a document on the bases of his finding.

The court gave the direction, after the Consultant was sworn-in to officially present the medical report on Daniel Asiedu, after assessing the mental capacity of the accused person to stand trial.

The report submitted to the court shows that the accused person is mentally well to stand trial.

The report indicated that four psychiatric examinations were conducted on Daniel and all these examinations did not show any sign of mental disorder.

After, Dr Ohene was sworn-in and the document tendered in as an exhibit, Mr Augustine Obour, the defence Counsel for Daniel cross-examined him.

He is demanding the full report of the mental examination of his client.

The Counsel suggested to the witness that in his baptismal certificate, he was not called Sammy Ohene but rather he was called Samuel Ohene, he answered that he changed his name to Sammy at age 14.

Asked, whether the documentation regarding the change of name was available but the witness indicated that he was not sure l think l cannot provide it but l can provide my certificates both medical certificate and Psychiatric certificate.

Do you agree with me that, when Sammy is mention, you will respond, the counsel asked but the witness said l might.

Asked to provide his birth and baptismal certificates, the witness told the court that he could not provide these certificates but could provide his school certificates.

The Counsel asked the witness, whether he agree with him that there was a personal disorder and the witness agreed.

Mr Obour asked the witness to tell the court about the bases for the results in the report and the witness said there were standard procedures used in carrying out the examination, which included history taking and sources of the history would be usually from the individual, dressing of the client, behaviour, speech; tone, whether it was relevant.

We look at everything we see on the client to assess him or her, he added.

Meanwhile, the counsel for the accused persons in the case, Daniel and Vincent Bosso has prayed the court for bail.

He told the court that the second accused person, Vincent was charged with conspiracy to commit crime to wit robbery but the count two did not mention his involvement in the act and that no substantial charges were levelled against him.

He said the State intended to call 11 witness in the case and per their statements, on one had mention the name of the second accused person and yet he had been remanded for three years.

His name is not in the bill of indictment and his involvement is not mentioned, he added.

The Counsel said the worse was that ever since his clients were remanded, he had never had access to have conference with them for the past three years.

On Daniel, Mr Obour said this was the first time he had heard, someone charged with robbery and murder at the same time.

He said the accused person was married with a child, who delivered while he was away in prison.

Defence counsel argued that per his age, the State quoted he was 19 years at the time of his arrest and that makes him a young offender and any juvenile, who commits a serious offence, the maximum sentence should be three years.

I need to have access to my clients, which is impossible for me, he added.

Mrs Sefakoe Batse, Senior State Attorney, told the court that the State was opposed to the bail application.

She said the Defence had created the impression that nothing has been done by the State all these while but that was not true.

There has not been any unreasonable delays, she added.

She said prosecution was ready to conduct the trial and nothing was holding the State.

The Court presided over by Justice George Buadi said upon hearing from the Defence Counsel and the State Attorney the court observed that the Defence made oral submission, which could not be verified.

I am unable to verify the issues raised by the Defence, I hereby refuse the application, he said.

Daniel a.k.a Sexy Dondon pleaded not guilty to three counts of conspiracy to commit robbery, robbery and murder, while a second accused Vincent Bosso, pleaded not guilty to conspiracy to commit robbery.

The court was yet to empanel a jury for the trial.

Source: Ghana News Agency