Church members advised against letting their pastors dictate to them who to vote for in general elections

The author of this publication is strongly admonishing Ghanaian church members to not allow their pastors to tell them which direction they must vote come general elections.

These pastors and prophets, whether their instruction to their church members to vote for a particular person or political party is based on their own selfish and parochial interests or the collective interests of their church members, must be scrutinized, and possibly, not swallowed hook, line and sinker.

Are most of these so-called pastors and prophets indeed men of God? Does the bible not tell us that by their actions we shall know them?

I have come across a video in which one pastor or prophet Adom Kyei Duah, was directing his church members not to vote for a person who insults. Fine.

Is he himself a true man of God? Does he ensure that his church members have the same access to the benefits that he enjoys? Does he still not take offerings and possibly, tithes, from the poor members of his church for his personal enjoyment?

Does he expect the church members to vote for non-insulting persons who may rather be corrupt, visionless, incompetent, and without the love of the collective interests of the nation and citizens at heart?

Does he want his church members, who are like sheep without an honest shepherd to guard and direct them to vote for persons who have exhibited incapacity to enforce the adherence to the laws, or encourage the disobedience to the laws, to come to govern Ghana?

Look at someone like former President John Dramani Mahama who has publicly promised to allow, encourage, and resource the very group of individuals destroying the nation’s water bodies, arable and fertile lands, and forests and also, allegedly known to be overwhelmingly corrupt, is he much better than the one who insults but is not corrupt and can stop the devastations of the mentioned elements of life?

The author of this publication is calling on Ghanaians to vote for a more visionary, honest, dedicated, capable, and able person who has the resolute determination to curb the lawlessness and joblessness militating against the development of Ghana and the welfare of many ordinary Ghanaians.

The pastors and prophets in manipulating their congregation to exploit them to the hilt, should please cease using politics as a further means to attain their goal.

I wonder why Ghanaians are until now not savvy enough but continue to allow their mostly fake pastors and prophets to deceive them and rip them off.

Ghana should not continue to suffer because of the obvious lack of enforcement of the laws. It is about time we came out of that deplorable situation by voting for one who has the mojo to guarantee the strict enforcement of the laws to yield positive returns to all of us, even if he is an insult-singing parrot.

Fellow Ghanaians, please let us note that without an honest, visionary, dedicated, competent, strict, and fair leader, our country will perpetually wobble in stagnation in poverty, crimes, and economic deprivation.

Prophet Adom Kyei Duah was indirectly directing his congregation to not vote for Kennedy Agyapong (Hon.), however, he is the one able to bring about the desired positive changes to Ghana, a country that abounds in lawlessness, official corruption, and other problems made worse by the teeming fake pastors and prophets.

Source: Ghana Web