Chairman Wontumi inspires the youth on Y Leaderboard Series

Ghana’s most authoritative leadership show, the Y Leaderboard Series has hosted the outspoken Chairman Wontumi to motivate the Ghanaian youth by sharing his life experiences.

Known in real life as Bernard Antwi Boasiako, Chairman Wontumi revealed fascinating aspects of his childhood, education, career as well as his life mantras.

Speaking to Y107.9FM’s Rev Erskine on his upbringing, he shared that his father was a king who married many wives which included his mother. He expressed that he was grateful that his father married many wives as he was very well nurtured by another wife of his father when his mother had passed on.

Commenting on his education, Chairman Wontumi noted that contrary to the popular notion that he had not acquired a secondary education, he is a proud old student of Prempeh College. The Ashanti Regional NPP Chairman shared that after his secondary education, he pursued theology education where he learnt a lot about the nature of God, religion and religious beliefs.

He furthered that with this background, he has been able to heavily impact the Ghanaian political scene.

“I don’t preach in church anymore but my hallmark has been that I have been someone who has made sure that my duty is to share at least one quotation that politicians and the youth can learn from. Today, if I see people from both NDC and NPP as well as other parties quoting from the scriptures, then I become joyful that what God sent me to do is on course”, he said.

He opined that politics is a religion that requires that people make petition to God to provide for them the best leaders to govern a country.

As a businessman and a politician, Chairman Wontumi shared that the secret to his success has been his efforts to learn from others. Basing on this, he advised people to learn from others to be successful. He furthered that people should not allow their certificates to limit them in life.

“A lot of people who have certificate have become lazy because they feel that what they have certificate for is the only thing they can do. Someone will say he or she is a professional accountant but such as a person has no money. If you are a professional accountant, it means you have money. If you have learnt professional accounting, see that as a stepping stone because you can do more than that”.

Sharing his life mantra, the Chairman said that he loves to embrace hurdles in life because he believes that is what moves him forward.

In his submission, he noted that sometimes people will try to discourage you as you try to overcome your problems. However it is important that such people are ignored so that one can achieve their goals.

“I always take out the ‘im’ from the word impossible to make it possible. I always make sure I rise from the problems”, he added.

Programmes Manager of YFM, Eddy Blay, sharing his thoughts on Chairman Wontumi’s interview stated: “Today’s interview was a perfect balance of fun and education. Chairman Wontumi brought diversity on the show as he shared the importance of being business minded even if you have not acquired so much formal education. I believe this will inspire the youths out there to make a name for themselves despite the circumstances they find themselves.

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Source: Ghana Web

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