Cape Coasters express displeasure over NDC MPs’ approval of president’s nominee

Scores of Ghanaians within the Cape Coast Metropolis have expressed disappointment in the Members of Parliament of the National Democratic Congress for betraying them by voting to approve President’s ministerial appointees.

They said the MPs have proven to Ghanaians they could not be trusted in their quest to change fortunes of the country.

Reacting to last night approval by the MPs, Madam Araba Sompa, a trader told Ghanaweb, that the current situation was an indication of the selfish and inability of NDC to help Ghanaians from the current hardship.

She said she believed NDC could boot away the ministerial appointees to ensure that the size of government was reduced to cut down expenditure but was disappointed last night.

“These selfish MPs have proven to us that they are not different from NPP, they always put their self interest first to Ghanaians”

Kojo Ampofo, a phone seller advised NDC delegates to vote against all sitting MPs for betraying the people and party faithfuls.

Amidst the directive issued by the National Executives and displeasure Ghanaians indicated on the approval of the appointees, these MPs went ahead to approve them.

He noted that the integrity and credibility of the MPs should be questioned because they had nothing new to offer the country.

“I don’t trust any person in the country again, whether NDC or NPP, they are the same and can not be trusted.

“I am highly disappointed of their actions and the country will forever remember them of these mischievous actions” he added.

Angry market women promised to embark on demonstration to express their displeasure over the MPs action. They warned the MPs never to step foot at their market premises to campaign or they would face their anger.

The traders called on NDC communicators to end ranting to Ghanaians to consider them during the upcoming general elections adding that they could not offer anything with this decision.

Parliament approved all six Presidential appointees last night in a secret ballot voting to fill various vacant ministerial positions in the country.

Source: Ghana Web