“Businessman” jailed seven years for stealing motorbike

Juaso, (Ash)- A self-styled businessman has been sentenced to seven years imprisonment in hard labour by the Juaso Circuit Court for stealing a motorbike which had been given to him as collateral for a loan he gave to a woman.

Johnson Obadgi had taken the motorbike from the woman, Afia Nyarko after giving her a GH500.00 loan with a mutual agreement that she would refund the money in three days.

He however could not produce the motorbike worth GH3,500.00 after the woman returned the money.

He pleaded guilty to stealing.

Police Detective Chief Inspector Birikorang Peasah, prosecuting told the court presided over by Mr. Yusif Assibey that the complainant, Nuhu Dawson was the husband of Afia Nyarko and they lived at Juaso with the convict.

He said on April 14 this year, while the complainant had travelled, his wife took a loan of GH500.00 from the convict and used the complainant’s motorbike as collateral and promised to refund the money in three days.

The complainant returned three days later and went to the convict together with his wife with the money, having been informed about the loan by the wife.

Convict after receiving the money told the complainant to come back in three days for the motorbike.

After three days, the convict could still not produce the motorbike and kept hiding from the complainant for close to a month.

The complainant reported the case to the police after persistent demand for the bike yielded no results.

Prosecution said the accused was arrested and admitted in his caution statement that he had given the bike to someone for an amount of GH1,300.00.

He however could not mentioned the person’s name nor lead the police to retrieve it.

Source: Ghana News Agency