Asia Pacific View’s ‘Skill-Show’ by Foreign Bloggers at Vocational Skills Competition of the People’s Republic of China in Tianjin


How do HSR drivers in China drive trains? How are containers loaded and unloaded at the port? How many technical professionals are there in China? Three bloggers, Kevin, Lily, and Daria, transformed into skilled talents and experienced a variety of unique occupations in China at the Second Vocational Skills Competition of the People’s Republic of China in Tianjin.

A total of 109 disciplines have been set up in this vocational skills competition, with a total of 4,045 competitors from all over China participating. They are selected from more than 100,000 participants. Among them, there are experienced ‘masters’ and young ‘craftsmen’ who are eager to create a new peak in their vocational skills.

In addition to traditional disciplines such as aircraft, automobile maintenance, tea art, baking, carpentry, and gardening, the competition also added new disciplines in digital technology skills, such as intelligent manufacturing engineering technology, IC engineering technology, AI engineering technology, VR engineering technology, and others related to new technologies and new occupations. The competition was fierce, and the players have all showed their mastery. The three bloggers at the competition

praised the strong professional skills of Chinese craftsmen. Daria believes that the rapid development of China’s manufacturing industry is inseparable from these craftsmen. She is particularly optimistic about the future development of China’s vocational education, and hopes that more young people will become Talents with excellent vocational skills.

After four days of intense contest, 393 players from various provinces and cities in China won gold, silver and bronze medals in the competition. There were 62 disciplines as the qualification disciplines for the World Skills Competition. The winners will represent China in the 47th World Skills Competition to be held in Lyon, France in September next year. They will compete with global skilled talents and once again

demonstrate the high level of professional and technological development in China.

Source: Ghana News Agency