‘I operated a drug business in prison while serving my sentence’ – Showboy claims

Sam Safo, widely known as ‘Showboy’, has recounted his time dealing with illicit substances during his six-year incarceration in a US prison.

He narrated his experience as a drug dealer, highlighting the substantial profits he made from selling various hard drugs within the prison walls.

He pointed out the excessive markup on drugs sold in prison, noting that prices could be a thousandfold higher than outside.

In a conversation with Fiifi Pratt, Showboy described himself as a key player in the prison’s drug trade.

“In my time behind bars, I dealt in contraband. The markup on these items was immense, often several times over their value outside. The prison economy inflates the cost of goods to extreme levels. Had my sentence been longer, I might have amassed enough to ‘buy the airspace’ upon release.

“I was the go-to dealer, and my business thrived on those with the means and knowledge to navigate this underground market,” he shared.

Despite the profitability, Showboy spoke of the inherent dangers, inclu
ding frequent thefts by other inmates and the need to constantly defend his merchandise.

“My stash was concealed in my clothing, but the theft was a constant threat, leading to inevitable confrontations. The scars on my hands bear witness to these struggles. The prison environment is one of perpetual vigilance, with shifts to guard against theft. Sleep meant risking loss, as the prison never truly rests,” he recounted.

He continued, “The Mexicans also don’t sleep, they are the ones who sell knives there, so every night, you’d hear them sharpening the knives with a machine. I bought my knives from them when I was in prison, I had about 20 knives.’

Source: Ghana Web

The sense of entitlement from my colleagues in Takoradi irks me – Kinaata

Ghanaian musician, Kofi Kinaata, has voiced his displeasure with the entitlement mentality he perceives among some musicians in Takoradi.

He notes that a number of them assume he is indebted to them simply because they share the same hometown and he has achieved success in the music scene.

Kinaata, however, disagrees with this notion, asserting that he is not responsible for providing support to anyone.

His advice to his peers is to concentrate on honing their craft and doing the best they can with their music.

“The expectation of support from some Takoradi musicians seeking help irks me. The truth is, even in Accra, we don’t have a structured music industry,’ he stated in an interview with Metro TV.

He continued, “We’re all in the pursuit of that one hit song, so focus on creating your own music.”

Source: Ghana Web

Shatta Wale tried to resolve our marriage issues but Fella had already made up her mind – Medikal

Rapper Medikal has opened up about the challenges with his ex-wife, Fella Makafui, mentioning that despite Shatta Wale’s attempts to mediate, the efforts had been unsuccessful.

He shared that Shatta Wale, whom he regards as an elder brother, made considerable efforts to reconcile their differences and restore their previous closeness.

Nevertheless, Fella Makafui, who had already moved on, resolved to end the marital relationship.

Addressing rumors, Medikal clarified that his marriage’s difficulties were not a result of his friendship with Shatta Wale.

He emphasized, “Shatta did everything he could to resolve the situation, but she had already made up her mind. Please leave Shatta out of this.”

In a sequence of videos, Medikal disclosed that Fella Makafui discarded her wedding ring during a trip to Dubai, indicating her departure from the marriage.

Source: Ghana Web

Phrimpong releases ‘Obiaa’ with RGM Wonder

Ghanaian musician Phrimpong, known for his captivating lyrical style and commitment to social commentary, has unveiled his latest single, “Obiaa.”

The track, produced by the talented, Khendi Beats, blends indigenous sonic rhythms with Phrimpong’s singing prowess to create a lasting highlife composition.

“Obiaa,” which translates to “everyone” in the Akan language, serves as a powerful anthem of resilience and collaboration.

Phrimpong taps into the talents of another budding musician, RGM Wonder, showcasing their depth of pen game with a matching verse that seamlessly integrates with the song’s theme.

Upon first listening, “Obiaa” instantly rings in one’s ears, leaving a lasting impression that becomes addictive. The infectious melody and catchy rhythm make it a standout in Phrimpong’s discography, resonating with listeners with the same experience.

Beyond its musical appeal, the song carries a motivational message, urging listeners not to relent on their humble beginnings, emphasizing that their achievem
ents will be recognized by all once they succeed in their pursuits.

With “Obiaa,” Phrimpong continues to showcase his multi-talented artistry in singing, following ‘Odehyie,” “Adam,” and “Asem.” His ability to blend traditional elements with contemporary sounds sets him apart as an artiste with a vision.

As the song spreads its uplifting message of perseverance and collaboration, it is sure to become a staple in the playlists of music lovers everywhere, further cementing Phrimpong’s standing in years to come.

Source: Ghana Web

Netizens attack Kisa Gbekle over indecent dressing

Some online users have criticized Kisa Gbekle’s attire at Tracy Boakye’s daughter’s fourth birthday party, deeming it inappropriate.

Tracy Boakye, a Ghanaian actress, hosted a birthday celebration for her daughter’s fourth birthday on May 18 at her home.

While several guests attended the event, Kisa Gbekle’s outfit drew attention from social media users.

Gbekle opted for a white dress that exposed her nipples, thighs, stomach, and other parts of her body.

Critics online argued that her attire was not suitable for such an occasion, especially considering her role as a mother and the presence of young attendees.

Comments ranged from questioning the choice of outfit for the event to expressing disappointment in Gbekle’s decision.

The reactions highlighted concerns about the message Gbekle’s attire might send to the children present and contrasted her outfit with the more modest attire of other guests.

Notable attendees at the party include the likes of Fameye, Keche, Bernice Asare, Keche, and many others.

Source: Ghana Web

Jorley hitmaker Rebel, rekindles relationship with Teshie Gbugblah OblaaHii Amants3

In an inspiring move to nurture relationships and spark new creative collaborations, Ghanaian versatile Afropop and Afrobeat singer Rebel, formerly known as Teshieboi, has paid a courtesy visit to Nii Laryea Martey, popularly known as Original Don Teshie Gbugblah OblaaHii Amants3, at his residence in Teshie.

Rebel, a vibrant and influential figure in the Ghanaian music scene, has been instrumental in blending the pulsating rhythms of dancehall with the vibrant beats of Afrobeat, creating a unique sound that resonates with fans both locally and internationally. This visit marks a significant step in his journey, symbolizing a return to his roots and a reaffirmation of his commitment to his community.

Nii Laryea Martey, an esteemed personality in Teshie, holds a reputation for his contributions to the cultural and artistic landscape of the area. His extensive knowledge of local traditions and his role as a community leader make him a pivotal figure in fostering unity and promoting the arts in Teshie.

ng to the versatile singer meeting Nii Laryea Martey was a heartfelt occasion, filled with reflections on past achievements and discussions on future projects. Rebel expressed his deep respect for Nii Laryea Martey’s wisdom and influence, emphasizing the importance of staying connected to one’s origins. “This visit is not just about reconnecting with old friends; it’s about laying the groundwork for new ventures that honor our shared heritage and aspirations,” Rebel stated.

Nii Laryea Martey, in turn, praised Rebel for his dedication to his craft and his efforts to bring the sounds of Teshie to a broader audience. He highlighted the significance of such interactions in strengthening the community’s cultural fabric and encouraging the younger generation to embrace their heritage.

The visit also served as a platform for discussing potential collaborations aimed at promoting Teshie’s rich musical and cultural heritage. Both Rebel and Nii Laryea Martey expressed enthusiasm about future projects that would combi
ne traditional elements with contemporary music, showcasing the dynamic and evolving nature of Ghanaian culture.

As Rebel continues to make waves in the music industry, this rekindled relationship with Nii Laryea Martey underscores the importance of community and collaboration in artistic endeavors. It is a testament to the power of coming together to celebrate and preserve cultural identities while pushing the boundaries of creative expression.

This courtesy call in Teshie is a promising prelude to exciting developments in the world of Ghanaian music, with Rebel and Nii Laryea Martey at the helm of initiatives that honor the past while innovating for the future. Fans and community members alike can look forward to witnessing the fruits of this meaningful reunion.

Rebel over the years have established himself as a force in dancehall and Afro beat genre in Ghana with a number of hit songs including Medusa, Aaye, Oogbo, Mokobi amongst others.

Source: Ghana Web

Kwadee’s situation is his family’s concern, let’s not meddle in it – Quick Action advises

Ghanaian music producer, Joseph Appiah Keys, widely recognized as Quick Action, has spoken about the recent tribulations of the respected musician Okomfo Kwadee.

Quick Action has stressed that Kwadee’s circumstances are a private family concern, and public involvement is not advisable.

Social media has been abuzz with consecutive videos showing the once-dignified artiste in a troubling state, causing alarm among his followers.

The latest footage, revealing Kwadee’s deteriorated physical appearance and demeanor, has heightened anxiety about his well-being and mental health.

Addressing these concerns, Quick Action remarked,

‘I’ve seen the video but it is a family issue and I can’t meddle in it. He listens to me very well. But it is a family matter so no matter how much you love someone you cannot take medicine for them and there is a limit you can go.

“I’ve been calling him but the number I have is switched off. God is involved, my wife and I pray for him. I still say it is a family matter. I’ve been reco
rding him since the issue started.

“I even negotiated for him to perform at RTP Awards and I was told that I’ve taken his money away to London meanwhile, when he was performing I was not in the country and he went to Makay for his money. It is a family issue and anytime you try to help things don’t go as planned,’ he said.

Concurrently, there’s been a surge of online dialogue advocating for communal support for Kwadee. Nevertheless, his family seems hesitant to take action, leaving his plight unaddressed.

Source: Ghana Web

I’m not ready for kids, I won’t have time for them – Burna Boy speaks on parenthood

Renowned Nigerian musician Burna Boy disclosed in an Instagram live session the rationale behind not having children yet.

The Grammy Award recipient stated that his current lifestyle doesn’t allow him the necessary time to be present for children.

Burna Boy emphasized the importance of being readily available for one’s children at all times if one decides to become a parent.

He expressed his intention to provide his future children with an abundance of love, surpassing what he received from his parents.

Additionally, the artiste addressed and dismissed speculations about his fertility, mentioning that even if such were the case, modern scientific methods like IVF exist to have children.

He articulated:

‘Observe the affection my mother has for me, the love my father bestows upon me. At this juncture, I’m unable to extend that level of care to anyone due to the nature of my career.

“Only when I’m in a position to devote each day to my child, will I consider fatherhood. Until such time, I’ll refrain from
having children, as I believe they are entitled to a superior upbringing than mine. Regardless of the rumors that I am impotent, even if they were factual, there are medical procedures like IVF for having children.’

Nonetheless, the consensus among many is that his decision to delay parenthood is justified.

Source: Ghana Web