Retired Military Officer unlocks uncertainties of corporate leadership

Accra,– Classical, fireworks, lightning, and showmanship amidst military precision engulfed the Burma Hall, when Captain Dr.

Victor Abbey (rtd), decided to go back to the barracks and stormed the Burma Hall to launch his book known as: “V.U.C.A World and the Future of Corporate Strategy and Leadership”.

The book: “Volatile Uncertainties Complex and Ambiguous” (VUCA) seeks to unlock the future and provide a basic understanding of the world and predictably enter into the Future of Corporate Strategy and Leadership.

The 228-page book contains solutions to challenges faced in corporate and leadership environments and provided basic guidelines to change management processes and the competencies required for leaders in order to succeed.

The author Capt. Dr. Abbey takes the reader through an analytical journey, traits, and challenges in the corporate world, to the tenets of corporate strategy and strategic leadership, including the fundamentals of organizational change management in the six-chapter book.

In an interview with the Ghana News Agency, Capt. Dr. Abbey, who is also a senior executive at GOIL Company Limited explained that the ability of change was so enormous that corporate entities were getting overwhelmed by the day and it calls for leadership review.

He said leadership must understand the characteristics of the time especially when it comes to generational dichotomies and technical advancement and how to effect changes to succeed.

He noted that the book provides basic knowledge of the V.U.C.A world for organizational leaders to prepare and to enable them effectively develop or harness the right strategic leadership skills and competencies in formulating the right corporate strategies for their various organizations for today and the future VUCA world.

Capt. Dr. Abbey said Corporate Strategy and Strategic Leadership have been and would remain the bedrock of every organizational performance and success.

He noted that many organizational and potential leaders were yet to agree that it requires critical knowledge and competence to be able to operate effectively in the V.U.C.A world.

He said the book is very important for the young students trying to find their way in life, in corporate and leadership sphere.

“It is also essential for the young professionals who were building the foundations of their career, and for the middle-aged executive seeking fresh perspectives on the way forward for themselves,” he said.

Dr. Abbey explained that “the book was situated in Africa system in general and Ghanaian system in particular as there are different generations and our level of technical suaveness has also been considered.

“For example where you need to understand the emotional factors, cultural perspectives to understand the specific organizations and structural context in which they function to level effectiveness to enable them to be effective at leadership”.

Source: Ghana News Agency

Early Childhood Education in UER suffering

Bolgatanga (U/E),- Early Childhood Education in the Upper East Region is getting to a low ebb with the lack of trained teachers, classroom blocks, and furniture.

Ms Ivon Wonchua, the Assistant Director, Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD), said: “There were myriad of problems with Early Childhood Education in the Region.”

A visit by the Ghana News Agency (GNA) to some crèches, daycare and primary schools in the region indicated that while some few private schools were doing well, there was no seriousness attached to the care and development of children in public schools.

Some kindergarten structures in the Garu and Builsa districts, and Sokabiisi in the Bolgatanga Municipality of the Upper East Region are without roofs.

Also, furniture for daycare centres and kindergartens were not available.

Ms Wonchua said teachers on disciplinary actions were rather posted to kindergartens to teach while those who were given training in Early Childhood Care and Development were sent to the basic schools.

That, she said, denied the children the needed specialised care.

But Mr John Nyaaba, the Coordinator, Early Childhood Care and Development at the Ghana Education Service, Upper East, noted that even though the kindergarten now formed part of basic school education, there was the need to isolate and address the challenges.

He urged the municipal and district assemblies to take a serious look at the situation to improve early cognitive development in children.

At some of the schools, the compounds were littered with faecal matter and very unhealthy for school activities to take place there.

Mr Nyaaba called on the authorities to consider the future of children in schools and partner with parents to improve situation.

“There is need to look at what the child will be in future since the absence of amenities demoralises the children…,” he said.

Mrs Georgina Aberese from the Department of Children, said the benefits of preschool exposure could not be overemphasised and called for investments in kindergartens in Upper East Region to improve the situation.

“There is clear indication that public ECD education does not meet the standards as compared with the private schools where some of such schools provide more practical teaching.”

“For instance, interactive stories are narrated and illustrated with vivid, engaging imagery to get young learners excited about books. They also use technology such as television and computers for teaching. Children can click on individual words to gain familiarity with their letters and sounds.”

She appealed to the Ghana Education Service, individuals and organisations to assist Early Childhood Centres with informational games, pictures and other pre-school teaching and learning materials to keep the children focused.

“We call for investment in preschools since they help build the educational foundation,” Mrs Aberese said.

Source: Ghana News Agency

Jospong Group’s 5-day 2021 thanksgiving service opens

Be thankful to your employer — Bishop Tackie-Yarboi urges workers

The Presiding Bishop of the Victory Bible Church International (VBCI), Bishop Nii Apiakai Tackie-Yarboi, has underscored the need for workers to be thankful and grateful to their employers.

According to him, employers and gifts from God help workers to fend for their families.

“You need to say thank you, Boss. Thank you, Boss, and always be grateful to your boss because he/she is taking care of you are your family,” he stressed.

“So, therefore, as workers, we must always thank our employers and show appreciation to them,” he charged.

Bishop Tackie-Yarboi was speaking on the opening day of the Jospong Group of Companies (JGC) Annual Thanksgiving Service 2021 held at the Forecourt of Zoomlion Head Office at Adirigarno, Accra on Monday, December 6, 2021.

The four-day thanksgiving service is themed: “My Worship, My Weapon, His Glory” – 2nd Chronicles 20:22.

Above all, he urged JGC staff members to continually thank God for His care, protection, and mercies over their lives throughout the year.

“We focus on the fact that we are alive. There are many many workers in this Group and God has preserved us all. And in fact, we need to always thank God.

…Always know that God has always been for us and with us. Therefore, we need to be thankful to him for delivering us from the hands of the evil ones,” he said.

However, Bishop Tackie-Yarboi said an ungrateful person wreaks the flow of miracles from God into his/her life.

“When we are unthankful, it blocks the blessings of God from coming into our lives,” he indicated.

In this regard, he advised workers to withdraw from “unthankful and contentious” people.

“Unthankful people create an atmosphere of discouragement,” pointing out that they also tend to demotivate people.

“They [unthankful people] let you go down and constantly dampen your spirits,” he cautioned.

“And so don’t forget to give thanks for it is good. God knows that thanksgiving helps our body and so we must learn to say praise the Lord, and in all things, we must thank God,” he encouraged the workers.

After his sermon, Bishop Tackie-Yarboi led the workers and management of JGC to pray to God for upholding the Executive Chairman of JGC, Dr. Joseph Siaw-Agyepong, and his family, insisting that “he [Dr. Agyepong] is a gift to us.”

He went on to ask the workers to pray to God for the Jospong brand to become “bigger, mega” and go beyond the whole world.

Prayers were also said to God to deliver Ghana from the COVID-19 pandemic and its associated variants and more importantly, from the hands of wicked people.

“We pray that God’s grace and peace shall reign supreme in this country,” Bishop Tackie-Yarboi beseeched God.

Bishop Tachie-Yarboi also led many to rededicate their lives to Christ while others surrendered to Christ.

Earlier, in a welcome address, the Executive Chairman, JGC Dr. Joseph Siaw Agyapong, while appreciating his workforce of over 45,000 across the country, encouraged them to inject more energy to make the group better than it is now.

“If you give out your best, you will be the beneficiary and will cater for many others,” he noted.

There was song ministration from the Zoom Choir and other gospel artists. The program will continue Tuesday, December 7, 2021, with the President of the Eastwood Anaba Ministries, Rev Joseph Eastwood Anaba, as the main speaker.

Source: Ghana Web

’Bawumia, the weak cedi is running; arrest it as you promised’ – Duffuor

Former Finance Minister Kwabena Duffuor has said the weakness of the Ghana cedi has exposed the Akufo-Addo government’s government per Vice-President Mahamudu Bawumia’s own standard of measurement that ‘If the fundamentals are weak, the exchange rate will expose you’.

Speaking in an interview on GHOne TV, the former Governor of the Bank of Ghana, who has expressed interest in becoming the flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), said there were “obvious” challenges with the economy.

“Look at the cedi, for example: when I was in office [2012], you needed 1 cedi 88 pesewas to get a dollar but now you need 6 cedis 20 pesewas to get a dollar”.

“[A few] years ago, Dr Bawumia said: ‘When the fundamentals are weak, the exchange rate will expose you’; the exchange has exposed the government now, meaning the fundamentals are weak by Bawumia’s own explanation,” the businessman said.

Dr Duffuor noted that “the cedi is running and he [Dr Bawumia] promised that he will arrest the cedi. Where is he? Dr Bawumia, the cedi is running; arrest it”.

“He [Bawumia] also made a point that he had worked at the central bank and that there was so much money and we didn’t have to go and borrow; what has happened during his term?”

Dr Duffuor also described as “wicked” and “unfair”, claims that he is being used by the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), to put spokes in the wheel of former President John Mahama’s comeback for the 2024 general elections.

“Those claims are just wicked and I pray that those people will put their thinking caps on”.

“It is very unfair”, he added.

The former Finance Minister pointed out: “Who will serve a country for four years and will not accept anything: no salary, no allowances, no ex gratia?”

“Why would I be a mole when money is not my problem”, he wondered.

According to him, he delayed the pursuit of his presidential ambition by a few years despite having being urged by former president Jerry Joh Rawlings to run for the slot in 2018.

“I felt the time was not right when Rawlings called on me to contest”, he explained.

The late ex-president, Dr Duffuor revealed, “said he was going to lead my campaign himself but I didn’t”.

“The only reason I’m doing so now is because I think the party can still do better and it must involve everyone”, he added.

The businessman, who is in his 70s, also shrugged off age concerns, saying: “Why should age matter?”

“The focus should be on what the person brings to the fore and what they are capable of delivering when given the job and my track record proves what I can do in almost every sphere of the economy”, he noted.

“My record and the work we are capable of doing should be the driver of the conversation not age”, he added.

Source: Modern Ghana

WHO welcomes historic decision by Gavi to fund the first malaria vaccine

WHO welcomes the historic decision by the Gavi Alliance Board to invest in the first malaria vaccine programme. The decision secures investment in the long-awaited malaria vaccine and assures that many more children at risk will benefit from this life-saving vaccine and additional malaria prevention.

The Gavi Board approved an investment to support the malaria vaccine introduction, procurement and delivery for Gavi-eligible countries in sub-Saharan Africa in 2022-2025. An initial investment of US$ 155.7 million for 2022-2025 will initiate the implementation of this additional tool to “help drive down child mortality in Africa,” according to Gavi.

In response to the decision, Minister of Health of Ghana and Gavi Board member Hon. Kwaku Agyeman-Manu said in the announcement: “Ghana, together with several countries on the continent, is proud to have been involved in the pilot program and the development of the first approved malaria vaccine, and today we welcome the decision made by the Gavi board to invest in the malaria vaccine programme. We must now work together to ensure children across the continent can benefit from this additional malaria intervention.”

“This global investment is another milestone for the first malaria vaccine, which will boost child survival and extend the reach of malaria prevention through the existing platform of childhood vaccination,” said Dr Kate O’Brien, Director of the Department of Immunization, Vaccines and Biologicals. “This international financing of malaria vaccine doses for country implementation is a concrete step forward to increase access to the RTS,S malaria vaccine.”

The WHO recommendation for the RTS,S malaria vaccine and this follow-on decision was achieved through the support and contributions of WHO across many departments and all levels of the Organization, the Ministries of Health in the pilot countries of Ghana, Kenya and Malawi, African-based evaluation partners, UNICEF, PATH, GSK, the Malaria Vaccine Implementation Programme (MVIP) funders (Gavi, the Global Fund and Unitaid) and other international and country-level public and private partners.

Interest in the malaria vaccine in endemic countries is high and demand for the vaccine is expected to outpace the currently limited supply. Current vaccine production estimates are for up to 15 million doses per year; however, demand is estimated at more than 80 million doses annually.

“The significance of these two announcements – first, the WHO recommendation, and second, Gavi’s decision to open a funding window for the vaccine – is truly historic,” said Dr Pedro Alonso, Director of the Global Malaria Programme. “We need new tools to reach our global malaria targets. And now, for the first time, we have a malaria vaccine that we estimate can save an additional 40 000 to 80 000 lives of African children each year. This represents a scientific and public health breakthrough.”

WHO and partners are committed to finding approaches and taking actions to accelerate vaccine availability to increase vaccine access and reduce child illness and deaths.

Source: World Health Organization

Africa Media Honours; celebrating powerhouse women in media powererd by Guinness Ghana, AFRIMASS network

The Africa Media Honours is an event that celebrates 30 Outstanding Women excelling and making a great impact in various fields of Media Communications in Africa. The Africa Media Honours theme; “Progressive Portrayal” seeks to explore deeper conversations.

It is an initiative to work with partners and stakeholders to be a driving force to accelerate and transform the media, entertainment, and advertising industry to be more representative, progressive, and equal in their portrayal of women.

It focuses on the importance of diversity in industries and partnerships to support the creation of work that is truly progressive in its depiction and portrayal of women in Advertising, Media, and the Entertainment Industry.

There are four pillars we are leveraging on to bring this to life:

1. Creative Excellence: Creating work that encourages changes in Progressive Representation.

2. Closing the Gap: Drive and accelerate diversity in our Creative Agencies and Production Partners.

2. Progressive Media: Shaping the progressive media landscape of tomorrow through Media Investment Activism.

3. Innovation & Design: Champion Inclusion & Diversity to Shape Market Leading Practices.

The Progressive Portrayal is a Diageo Marketing Department (Guinness Ghana) led campaign as part of its Inclusive & Diversity Focus in attaining the Society 2030 Agenda.

Our tagline, Celebrating Powerhouse Women in Media Communications; salutes and recognizes women who are making an impact in the media enterprise from Entertainment, Content Creation, Advertising, Media Management, Media Marketing, Media Sales Professions, Media Studies from Freelancers, Bloggers, Traditional and Digital Practitioners to Corporate Professionals and other forms of Media Practice.

The event is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, December 15, 2021, at 7 pm at the Accra City Hotel-Accra, Ghana.

Africa Media Honours is being organized by AfriMass Network in partnership with Guinness Ghana, IConceptsPR, Accra City Hotel, WomanRising, Genet Service Ltd, Prime E-Card, Customer Service Africa, Think Media Expert, GH Media School, Reach Marketing, Ghana News Agency(GNA), GhanaWeb.Com,, PrimeNewsGhana.Com,,, OneplayAfrica, MuseAfrica, EIB Network, Ultiface Communications, Ladies in Business Magazine – Dubai, Media General, BrandTrendz Communications, and Golden Dream Media, KobbyKyeiLive,,,, 12FramesTV, Modern

The event is strictly by invitation. To request an invitation, visit:
To view all the amazing women we are honoring, visit:
For further inquiries, call or WhatsApp: Sir Raymond Smith on +233 (0) 24 302 4552

Source: Ghana Web

George Lutterodt gives Martha Bissah a 90-day ultimatum to apologize for ‘lying’

Accra,- Mr. George Haldane-Luttrodt, Former Chairman of the Ghana Athletics Association (GAA), has issued a 90-day ultimatum to Martha Bissah to apologise for misleading him.

According to him, he had to put his integrity on the line to defend the Youth Olympic gold medalist for six years after she was banned indefinitely by Professor Francis Dodoo GAA led administration for accusing them of extortion only for her to turn around to betray him.

He said he took the athlete’s word for it and stood on his ground and defended her and offered her all the support she needed when she was abandoned by the athletics federation.

Mr. Luttrodt, speaking to the GNA Sports, explained that he had to put himself together to support Martha by arranging a Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) for her to further her education in the university, after which she got admitted to Norfolk State University in the USA to study Bachelor of Science in Management.

He mentioned that when she returned from the States, arrangements were made for Martha to see the Director-General of the National Sports Authority (NSA), Professor Peter Twumasi, for them to try and resolve the issue.

Mr. Luttrodt expressed disappointment in Martha for going behind him and the team to render an unqualified apology to the GAA through the NSA without consulting him after he rallied behind her for six years.

“All I am asking her to do is to write a letter of apology to me and to others who supported her because you told us you were telling the truth, we put our heads out for you and she had every opportunity to tell us she was telling lies but did not. We only saw a letter of apology indicating that all she said were lies.”

He said he has given her a period of two to three months to send the apology letter to him before he takes further action.

Source: Ghana News Agency

Two arrested for robbery at East Legon Hills

Accra,—Two robbers, Samuel Agyei and Sumaila Mahama, were arrested on Sunday dawn on suspicion of involvement in robbery.

A statement signed by Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Kwesi Ofori, Director-General, Public Affairs, and copied to the Ghana News Agency, said the two suspects were arrested following a distress call received by a Police Patrol Team that some unknown men had invaded a neighbourhood at CPL Estate, East Legon Hills.

It said the Police rushed to the scene and with support from some of the residents, managed to arrest the two.

The statement, said on the spot search conducted on the men led to the retrieval of a 75-inch curved television set, an iPhone 12 pro max, one Techno smartphone and a revolver pistol with four rounds of ammunition.

It said the team also found a KIA Morning saloon car, which the suspects had allegedly parked at the roadside to convey the booty.

The statement said the two suspects were currently in Police custody and would be put before the court in due course.

It praised the Police-public partnership that helped to get the two suspects arrested.

The statement assured the public of the readiness of the Police to combat crimes in all forms for the safety of all Ghanaians.

Source: Ghana News Agency