NaSIA is ensuring compliance of coronavirus protocols in all schools – Dr. Ampadu

The Inspector-General of Schools and Executive Director of the National Schools Inspectorate Authority (NaSIA), Dr. Hilda Ampadu, has emphasized that the Authority continues to ensure that both private and public pre-tertiary schools comply with the COVID-19 protocols laid down by government in order to keep learners safe in school.

“We are on top of issues regarding compliance of COVID-19 protocols in all schools. In our inspection of schools since reopening, we have ensured that schools abide by the protocols and take the right measures to ensure the safety of all learners and staff without fail,” she stated.

Dr. Ampadu was speaking as a panelist on the topic, ‘COVID-19: Curbing Spread in Schools in Ghana’, on ‘The Probe’ Show on Joy News on Sunday, 7th February, 2021.

Other guests on the show were: Prof. John Gyapong, Chairman Vice Chancellors Ghana, Vice Chancellor, UHAS, Philipa Larsen, President, Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) and Alhaji Yacoub A. B Abubakari, President, Conference of Heads of Assisted Schools, CHASS.

According to the Inspector-General of Schools, “our inspection of schools so far shows that most schools are complying with the COVID-19 protocols with the wearing of masks, provision of running water, soap and hand sanitizers for learners and staff to wash and sanitize their hands regularly.

The only challenge we have encountered is the overcrowding in some schools and we have since advised such schools to run a shift system or divide the classrooms to accommodate fewer learners.”

Citing an example of a school that recently recorded positive cases of COVID-19, Dr. Ampadu disclosed that after an inspection of the school, the Authority directed the school leadership to immediately run a shift system to reduce overcrowding.

She assured the general public that NaSIA will continue to ensure that there is compliance to COVID-19 protocols in schools and reported cases are managed well to prevent further spread.

Prof. John Gyapong, Chairman, Vice Chancellors Ghana and Vice Chancellor of UHAS, said, “if schools are able to abide by all the protocols of COVID-19, then the levels of risk will be minimized and learners will be safe”. He added that, “some universities are also introducing online learning for some courses to ensure minimal contact.”

Madam Philipa Larsen, President of GNAT, indicated that there are measures in all senior high schools to protect learners against the virus. She disclosed that in addition to infirmaries, schools have been mapped to various health facilities in the regions and districts to ensure that emergencies are swiftly taken care off.

On his part, Alhaji A. B Abubakari, President of CHASS, stated, “all senior high schools go through the laid down protocols and we refer suspected cases to the infirmaries and if need be it is referred to the health directorate,” adding that, “school authorities are managing the situation to ensure that there is no fear and panic amongst learners and parents.”

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Source: Ghana Web



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