Mövenpick Ambassador Hotel Accra lends a hand

Mövenpick Ambassador Hotel Accra, as part of its 10th-year anniversary celebration, embarked on a blood donation drive in collaboration with the Accra Technical University to boost up the National Blood Bank’s blood supply.

Recently, the Ghana National Blood Service (NBS) has lamented on shortfalls in achieving a hundred percent voluntary blood donations nationwide.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been noted as a key contributing factor in the ongoing struggle to receive voluntary blood donations. However, Mr. Victor Israel, Donor Recruitment Officer with the NBS, cited the importance of sensitizing the public and educating them on the values of donating blood.

“Blood donation is priceless”, he said. “You cannot quantify health. Once you donate, the first thing you receive is a health check-up to check if the donor has enough blood.

They are screened for health-related issues and have their blood pressure checked as well so, the benefits, apart from the core value of saving a life, are endless”.

The upscale hotel, located in Accra Central, undertakes blood donation annually with its team members under its strategic corporate social responsibility initiatives, drawing on the hotel’s mandate to encourage mindful sustainability and community welfare.

“Not only are we intimately involved in the lives of our guests, but we are also committed to the welfare of communities within which we find ourselves”, said Deborah Lee-Ann Sivertsen, General Manager of the Mövenpick Ambassador Hotel Accra.

“Seeing how these students have turned out for today’s exercise reminds me of what I was like back in school as well. They, along with our team members, are lifesavers and their desire to donate blood goes a long way to save the lives of friends, family, and citizens at large. Making moments with those in need is always our collective goal”, she said.

Over a hundred pints of blood were gathered after the successful exercise and to thank donors for their generosity, goodie bags were distributed containing non-perishable foods, stationery, and t-shirts from the hotel as well as the Ghana National Blood Service.

The Mövenpick Ambassador Hotel Accra recently launched its 10-year anniversary celebrating a decade of ‘doing the ordinary in extraordinary ways. After the Ambassador Hotel, completely rebuilt under the global Swiss brand reopened in 2011, it has remained a beacon of excellence in the hospitality sector of Ghana hosting several high-level delegations and events while maintaining their health and safety as a priority.

The hotel will continue to roll out a series of events leading up to the climax of the anniversary in November giving people the opportunity to be up close and personal with the brand whilst winning several prizes, enjoying offers, and having dreams come true.

Source: Ghana Web

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