Maintain Your Faith And Be Steadfast In The Face of Challenges—Moderator

Ho,— Ghanaians, especially Christians, have been asked to remain steadfast and maintain their faith as believers in the face of challenges and obstacles.

“Challenges and obstacles are to be expected but we must maintain our faith as believers and remain steadfast.”

Rt. Rev. Dr Lt. Col. Bliss Divine Agbeko made the call in his new year message copied to the Ghana News Agency in Ho.

He said in the face of difficulties and instead of giving up in despair, Christians should ensure they did the right thing.

He entreated Christians not to settle for anything except what honoured God and the nation.

“Let us have the hope that God has something better in store for our future as a nation and as a people,” Rt. Rev. Dr Lt. Col. Agbeko advised.

The Moderator urged them to look up to God of righteousness and justice to fight their battles for them.

“Surrender your problems to God who is watching over you,” he advised.

He reminded Christians that God knew their problems and cared for them.

The Moderator said if Christians did not doubt and lose hope but cast their problems on God, victory would be theirs.

He said things would get better in the country because “it is our promised land.”

Rt. Rev. Dr Lt. Col. Agbeko said what Ghanaians needed to do was to remain truthful to the nation, knowing it would be well with the country.

He urged all Christians to keep praying for the country.

The Moderator wished all Ghanaians God’s blessings, peace and guidance throughout 2022 for a fulfilled and celebrated life.

Source: Ghana News Agency

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