Initiative to develop one billion Women Entrepreneurs launched in Accra

Accra,— An initiative to develop one billion successful women entrepreneurs worldwide by 2030 has been launched in Accra.

Dubbed “One Billion Successful Women Entrepreneurs Worldwide,” the initiative by Women of Power and Transformation (WOPAT) would empower women with business advice and consultancy, affecting females and ladies around the globe, providing keynotes, winning grants or raising funds for education.

“Our mission is to build up our community of women by empowering them in a safe and healthy environment to rise as leaders, to connect globally and support one another mentally, spiritually and economically for the greater good,” Professor Michelle Walker-Davis, Founder and Chief Executive of WOPAT, said at the launching.

She added: “We’ll create synergy amongst Women as a Call to Action through Meet-Ups.”

Professor Walker-Davis, who is also the Managing Partner for Imperial Management Group, a grant advancement company in the $850 billion market, told the launch, attended by some traditional leaders and business people, that the initiative would use different interventions to resource women to be successful entrepreneurs.

“We are really looking for businesses to support one another to come in with their millions and billions of dollars and then we are going to other successful women for them to give back,” she said.

Despite funds not being now available, the business mogul assured women that network groups, with women of influence as Oprah Winfrey and Meghan Markel on board, would be used to access grants.

“I know that there is $850,000 in free money out there so I’m going to work like hell to see that we access that and put them in our application for our women.“

“We have a plan and a strategy that will work. We are not worried about the money. The money will come,” Prof. Michelle Walker-Davis noted.

Naa Adesey Omanyesane III, Queen-mother of Nungua Okpoigonnor, said she was happy that the global initiative had been launched in Accra, describing the Accra metropolis as a central point for successful events.

She lauded the initiative and said it would help bring down the rate of unwed motherhood and teenage pregnancy.

Reverend Dr Nana Yaa Owusu-Prempeh, Founder and President of Women in Leadership International, said the initiative would “unleash phenomenal financial empowerment to women in the country.

“We are going to make sure that women who are ready to work are empowered with small money to start their businesses. We can change lives and we will do it one person at a time.”

She announced that in Ghana, the WOPAT expects to work with the Ministries of Education, Employment, Tourism and Gender, Children, and Social Protection to realise its dream.

The initiative would be launched in India on January 10, 2022.

Source: Ghana News Agency

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